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"We designed this page to disseminate knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe - a sea of 'free energy’, which permeates all. The N-1 Homopolar Generator (pictured above) - invented by Bruce DePalma - is an example of the type of device which is able to "plug in" to this Free Energy and eliminate the "need" for the continued use of fossil fuels and the consequent destruction of our only home - Earth. These devices - and many others like it - have been proven to possess "over-unity" characteristics, i.e.: the power output is more than 100% of the input. It is our hope that in the near future Free Energy will enable mankind to progress from a state of dependence to one of abundance."
  • Electromagnetic > Bruce De Palma >
    Bruce DePalma - DVD + collection of correspondence - Get DVD containing a history of DePalma's rediscovery of the Faraday Homopolar motor/generator effect, and the many experiments which led to his building of the "N-machine", co-rotating a magnet and conductor and generating electricity. Also gives an account of some suppression. Mention promotion code "PES" for 10% discount.


7 min

  • Free Energy another Inconvenient Truth - A Segment from a Documentary shot in the early 90's about Global Conspiracies. This footage speaks for itself. Includes interview with DePalms (YouTube; January 04, 2007)

Bruce's Scientific Contribution

The following was composed on March 5, 2006 by Peter Lindemann who "moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1982 and was a close associate of Bruce until his death in September, 1997."

"Bruce's greatest discovery is that INERTIA is not a property of mass, but a property of SPACE, and that SPACE confers it's inertia upon the masses that occupy it. This phenomena can begin to be accessed by rotating an object in one dimension. When rotation is raised to two dimensions, the object begins to lose weight. When rotation is raised to three dimensions, the object can completely de-couple from the gravity field of the Earth.
"The N-Machine was a secondary discovery, based on magnetizing the space of a first order rotating object. Experimental prototypes proved that electricity comes out of the machine and is not associated with the standard "reverse motoring effect" of standard equipment. There is still a "drag" mechanism, but it is not caused by the same processes found in normal electric generators.
"Tewari's work has confirmed Bruce's theories better than anyone else.

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