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Image Source: Environment Canada
Image Source: Environment Canada

Grey water recycling by Brac Systems - Collects water from shower drains, bathtubs and laundry, then filters and pumps it through a dedicated supply line to the toilet tanks for flushing, reducing average household water consumption by a third. It is designed into the plumbing of new construction and existing residential homes.


Official Website


  • Download (55 min; 13 Mb; mp3) - On April 7, 2007, Sterling D. Allan conducted a live, one-hour interview with Brac Systems' President, Dennis Yasar on the [ Free Energy Now] radio show.


The following is a slightly edited version of an email received from Owen Buglass, General Manager of Brac Systems, on around April 4, 2007

My name is Owen Buglass, General Manager of Brac Systems, Inc. in Montreal, Canada.

The Brac Systems, which is a newly developed and patented grey water recycling system, is designed into the plumbing system of new construction, and existing residential homes. Drains from showers, bathtubs and optionally the laundry, are routed directly to the Brac System. (Our system can also be used for rain water harvesting.) The grey water entering the tank is filtered through a quality-controlled ISO 9001 Registered 100 Micron filter bag. In the tank is a tri-chlorine tablet of the type used in swimming pools, which lasts approximately 8 weeks and keeps the grey water free of any bacteria and odours. The grey water is then pumped, on demand, by a jet pump and pressure tank system through dedicated supply lines, to supply grey water to the household toilet tanks for flushing.

The use of our system will save the average household approximately one third of their total water consumption.

Just as a hot-water tank has, over time, become a necessity in the home, the same will become for water-recycling tanks such as ours. Foreseeable, it will not only be a necessity, but a requirement, given the state of water shortage we are already in and undeniably will be in if our usage trends continue. These days, we are hearing more and more about Sustainable Development and Built Green programs, as ways to protect our environment. Having this product as a feature in homes will positively serve as a selling point, as it may qualify for points towards the built green checklist. Also, many of your prospective clients would enjoy benefiting from the savings in water costs, in addition to the feeling of doing something for the environment.

The system is easily installed in customers' homes by a plumbing contractor, and only requires a minimal amount of ongoing maintenance.

We are looking for distributors, and/or representatives.

For further information (test reports, brochure, water analysis) go to

If you would like to discuss our system further or are looking for additional information please contact me. For further information please visit our web site at



Image:Brac products 600.jpg


"Most Energy Efficient product" - first prize at the April 5?, 2007 expo in Quebec. [more specific info pending]

About Brac Systems, Inc

The company sold 235 units in 2006, and projects sales to be around 3,000 units in 2007, and 10,000 in 2008; with 100,000 units per yer in ten years.

They do not expect the price of the units to go up in the next two years.


  • Water > Waterwall Solutions - The Waterwall is a modular rainwater storage system for urban areas that can be connected to make the most of your valuable space, made from stabilised food grade plastic. It can be used as a fence, a feature, an under-eave tank or purely as water storage in a narrow out of the way space.
    • Could be used with Brac system for storing rain runoff.


Owen Buglass
General Manager
Brac Systems
3571 Ashby
Montreal, P.Q. H4R 2K3
Tel.: 1 514 856 2722
Fax.: 1 514-856 2723


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