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Theory Behind John Bedini's "School Girl Radiant Energy Circuit and Motor"



  • Inductive Fractionation and Reactive Power - Peter Lindemann presents a portion of his theory as to how radiant energy works, and how this is illustrated in the Bedini SG motor-charger. John adds a few things too.
  • (John's Site) Study the scalar waves and magnetic fields and quaternions to understand more how the School Girl Motor Energizer works.


  • Radiant energy is particulate -- two orders of magnitude smaller than electrons.
  • Output radiant energy is longitudinal, and not picked up by regular electrical measuring equipment, which only measures transverse waves.
  • The idea is to have no current flow. The more current, the less radiant energy. Current is inefficient energy.
  • Helosolaris ---- model the SG with vizimag, you will see why it works. Power on(The N pole leaving register is repulsed - the incoming magnet is attracted from behind, the S pole, through the inner rotor.) Two for one, hooray! Set your coil up to do this -- The magnets north pole is attracted into register unpowered, if you power the magnet in (N-S poles) then more work is required to remove it(electron momentum/current in the coil), just after register the sine wave(voltage) goes negative in the coil(not really it is electron pileup) your meter only says it goes negative. If you added no power the sine wave is symetrical, you add power to the negative portion of the sine wave - two for one again! The field then collapses adding momentum to incoming magnet with no backdrag on the one leaving(relative distance), simple :)
  • In magnetic systems like this remember timing and field strength determine the field geometry more than anything, DO NOT overpower the coil, DO NOT get the magnets too close to the coil. And no magical zeropoint required, how about that.

Resources for Understanding Radiant Energy

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