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Joe's Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

Brief Description 
Third replication in progress.....First sg completed in 2000 -



Bifilar Coil, 6ohms and 12ohms Image:2005coil3.jpg

Image:2005coil2.jpg Image:joesg11_15_05.jpg Image:11_15_05sgrun.jpg

Needs adjusting, aligning, but it fired right up. Ran at the batteries c20 rate @ 48ma. after adding up to 4k ohms. (500ma meter on the left)


Base resistance lowered down to under 900ohms, that raised the current to 190ma in order to get only one pulse. Ran at 220rpm.

    • 11/18/05 note The coils were wired backwards in all past tests with this model. Now fixed, the speed is 194 rpm @ 80ma in it's sweet spot (i think). I adjust the base resistor until the current sort of jumps down to its lowest point, while at the same time the motor runs pretty fast. 8 magnet rotor with 2n3055 transistor.


    • 03/03/06 Trying to see if scalar south really does anything to help the trigger voltage. RESULTS = No scalar effect noticed in helping trigger the transistor. IF scalar south was helping out (as in the scalar pictures), we would see a higher trigger voltage in the ROTOR "A" test, IMO.

Note: sometimes Movies had to be used inplace of pictures to capture the reading.


16 magnet Rotor Scope reading between pulses = 12ms 1/12ms = 83.3 pulses per second 83.3/16magnets = 5.2 rotations per second 5.2 * 60 = 312 RPM [EACH MAGNET'S SPEED]


Rotor A SPEED verification video:

Rotor A voltage verification picture: 2_27_06triggerlevelFIN.jpg

Rotor A voltage verification video:



2 Magnet rotor Scope reading between pulses = 96ms 1/96ms = 10.4 pulses per second 10.4/2magnets = 5.2 rotations per second 5.2 * 60 = 312 RPM [EACH MAGNET'S SPEED]


Rotor B speed verification video:

Rotor B voltage verification video:

Again, if Scalar South were helping us, we would see a higher induced voltage in the ROTOR A TEST.

[If some of the vidoe or picure links don't work, please go to the main message:]


coming soon...


==11/19/05== The 17" wheel is too small for 16 (.875" wide) magnets. I'm switching back to 8 magnets for now. I get about 220volt spikes when I disconnect the charge battery. Going to get bigger wires for battery connections. Then the first real voltage test.

==11/17/05== Realized my pulse coil was wired backwards, and was pulling the magnet in with each pulse. All tests to this date have been with this backwards coil config. More testing tomorrow on the polarity of coils and possible NSNSNS rotor tests. Also purchased 2 new 12v 7Ah batteries from Radio Shack, on sale for $14.95 ea.

Played poker this evening, and won $30.00. Enough to pay for the new batteries!

==11/15/05== Finished the ssg circuit, using (2) 12v 1.2Ah batteries (c20=48ma) - added an extra 10k pot so I could run the thing at 48ma. (had to adjust to about 4k) Just ran it for an hour, 115rpm, both batteries stayed about the same. Its a little noisy to run all night at this point. Needs adjusting, tweeking, etc. Next will be much more testing, adding 8 more magnets, and using at least 4Ah batteries.

==11/14/05== installed 8 magnets on rotor. Circuit almost ready, got more12v and 14v lights from Radio shack. Found some transparent duck tape at the store, that is around the rotor to double secure the magnets.

== 11/13/05== Made rotor base at the "club house"

== 11/10/05 == Started the 3rd replication

Replication Particulars

Will start with (2) 12v 1.2Ah batteries

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