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Robert Claypool's Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

On Sept. 9, 2007, User:Hackwrench says "unrepeatable." Does not elaborate.



Jan. 5, 2004

Just completed the bedini experiment on an unmodified laptop. At first the battery has a litle juce in it. That seems to be requored. I pumped the start button and the hard drive acted a the wheel. I attached a low power transformer on it and it appears to have gone solid state. Robert Claypool I have also experience things upgrading or downgrading themselves.

The pink rocks that have been mentioned in a related forum are tthe solidified form of what "Key: the Metal Idol" refers to as "Gel". I also have a watch that was stopped but after placing it on my arm now shows the correct time.

The laptop never runs on batteries. I ran it on a transformer that didn't give it all it needed and it appeared to draw the rest from the battery.

I gave power to it from a transformer that was nowhere near the specifications, and text files became corrupted and display size values in the display control panel make no sense... size 4





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