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Pakis' Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

Brief Description 
Using solid state mode.



This is the PCB I use and made it with the help of a friend who is expert in building electronic circuits.

Although it looks big, it’s only 70x45 mm, a little smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

My solid state circuit and coil.
Yellow alligator clips is where the resistor goes.
That resistor (front & back).
It’s a variable resistor with minimum resistance of 12.4 Ohms and a maximum of 31+ KOhms. Although the minimum resistance of 12+ Ohms is fine for the circuit I added an other resistor of 470 Ohms (since I only play with solid state) just to be on the safe side. This can be easily removed or bypassed.

This is the back of the circuit soldered.

And the front.


Started rotation on 2004/11/28 18:30.
Initial voltage on both batteries was 12.89V.

Times are in EET

Date / Time Battery #3 Battery #4
2004/11/29 - 18:30 13.12 12.78
2004/11/30 - 06:30 12.73 13.17
2004/11/30 - 18:30 13.09 12.74
2004/12/01 - 06:30 12.72 13.12
2004/12/01 - 18:30 13.07 12.71
2004/12/02 - 06:30 12.68 13.10
2004/12/02 - 18:30
2004/12/03 - 06:30
2004/12/03 - 18:30
2004/12/04 - 06:30
2004/12/04 - 18:30
2004/12/05 - 06:30
2004/12/05 - 18:30
2004/12/06 - 06:30
2004/12/06 - 18:30
2004/12/07 - 06:30


Reverse chronological sequence of activities

Nov. 29, 2004

I didn’t charge the lithium battery during the weekend. I started solid state rotation of 2 batteries not conditioned (both holding a charge of 12.89V according to my multi-meter) that came out of a UPS and stayed for few days without any load or charge. The first time they touched the circuit was yesterday when I decided to start the rotation. Inside the UPS they were connected in a series. That’s the reason they had the exact same voltage. I will start reporting voltages after the first cycle. I will rotate them every 12 hours. So today at about 18:30 EET will have the first reading. I’m also building an other circuit in order to charge my lithium battery without stopping the rotation of the other 2 batteries.

Nov. 25, 2004

The lithum Battery died unexpectedly during the forth day (3 days and 5 hours) of use having 4 lines on the indicator display after a missed call.

During the weekend I'll recharge it.

Nov. 24, 2004

I don't encourage anybody to do it. If you blow up your batteries or hurt yourself or burn your lab-house to ashes I'm not responsible. I'm just reporting what I have done.

As you all probably know I charged a lithium cell for my mobile phone out of ignorance.

My line of thinking was:
- Bedini_SG is a battery energizer.
- I will energize my mobile phone battery.

I had a problem starting the circuit which I use in solid state with just the lithium battery connected to the output. I managed to start the circuit by connecting a sealed lead acid battery in series with lithium battery. I ran the charger a little over 9 hours.

I didn't catch a fire or blow up the battery. When I disconnected the battery it wasn't even worm. I would have noticed since I took it of the charger and put it in my phone. The amazing thing is, what is going on with the battery in my phone. The indicator of the phone has 7 lines showing the voltage of the battery. I check it very regularly since I inserted the battery. I putted the battery in the phone about 6:30am on the first day.

Around 10:30am I was down to 4 lines. I thought that it I didn't charge it long enough or the charge went to the other battery which can receive much bigger charge.

Around 15:00pm I'm back up to 7 lines in the indicator :). That was the amazing thing.

Around 16:50pm on the second day of use and after having 7 lines on the indicator of the battery I decide to turn on the display and the light of the display in order to run down the battery faster. After about half an hour (with the display and the light on) I received a phone call. During the call I hear the beep which is warning me that my battery is about to die. After finishing the 12 second call I check the indicator is showing only 1 line. Having seen the first day behaviour of the battery I let the display to return in standby mode with the light off and I went to sleep for about 3 hours.

When I wake up I'm back to 7 lines on the indicator of the phone. Even more amazing :)

At the beginning of the third day I had 7 lines.

At the time of writing, 11:00am on the third day of use, I have 6 lines on the indicator.

I wonder how long will keep my phone running since this battery charged with the phone charger it lasts at the most 2 days.

I also wonder what will happen to the battery if I charge it once more with the bedini circuit.

I think I'll get an extinguisher and go for it :)

Caution about LI Batteries

Replication Particulars

I use the metric system for counting lengths.

Here in Greece is very difficult to get hold of a spool near to the dimensions you specify in the materials. So I built one out of 25mm PVC pipe for electric cables and 2 plastic caps provided by a friend of mine who also did the winding of the coil. I used super glue to attach the caps to the PVC pipe. The inner dimension of the PVC pipe is 23mm filled 2.5mm welding rods The size of the cap is 78mm. The height of the PVC pipe is 90mm.
For the winding of the coil I used 0.9mm and 0.7mm magnet wire. The number of the turns is ~910. I don’t know the length of the wire since it came out from big spools my friend uses for his work. The cost was about 10 euros for the wires and 2 euros for 2 Meters of 25mm PVC pipe. Since I can make any size spool I want, I’m thinking of shrinking this thing to something smaller. I’ll report it here when I do it.

Other than that the materials of the circuit are the exact parts listed in the materials page soldered on the above PCB board. No wheel of course since my space is limited. My batteries are 12VDC 17Ah sealed Lead-Acid batteries.

And of course I use my cell phone Li-Ion battery. My Battery

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