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Matt's Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

Brief Description 
Replication using HDD/CDROM as rotor. Construction commencing. Will post step by step photos.



Image:mini-MattRotor1.jpg Image:mini-Mattrotor2.jpg Image:mini-crudecir.jpg Image:mini-magnpolemg1.jpg Image:mini-rotormg3.jpg Image:mini-rotormg4.jpg Image:mini-rotormg5.jpg


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June 9, 2005

Procurred most of circuit parts including the following(I got xtra parts):
3 2N3055 transistors(Radio Shack part# 276-2041) <- The only things not under $1.00
2 packages 680 Ohm Resistors(Shack part# 271-1117 5pk)
10k Pot
47 Ohm Resistors(Shack part#271-1105 5pk)
1N4005 Rectifier Diodes 600v (Shack part# 276-1104 2pk)
1N4001 Silicon Diodes 50v 1amp(Shack part#276-1101 2pk)
Rectifier Diodes 2.5amp 1000v(Shack part#276-1114 2pk)

I found laying around in my room 120vac amber/neon lamps(shack parrt#272-707)
Dunno if this will suffice?

Have several cpu heatsinks laying around and thermal grease. I read of overheating on transistor in some cases?

June 10, 2005

Prepped platters and casing.
Using an old Quantum Bigfoot CY 5.25 series HDD for rotor.
Stripped all unneccesary boards and took out the platter needles.
Unscrewed the rotor and removed one of the platters and replaced rotor with a makeshift spacer.

June 12, 2005

Made a crude circuit
Assembled magnets to the rotor.
Reinforced mags on rotor with tape just in case.

June 13, 2005

OOps let my kid play with rotor and magnet and 1 magnet came undone. Reattached and reinforced epoxy base on all magnets.

June 14, 2005

The coil wire is on the way. 900 feet of 20 gauge and 500 feet of 22 gauge from Couldn't find a local sourcing :(

June 16, 2005

Coil wiring has been shipped from Total cost was 64bucks. I'll have extra :) My arm has stopped swelling(a piece of a mirror fell through it[don't ask...]). So I can work on the circuit more.

June 23, 2005

Coil wire is here

Replication Particulars

Where you followed the plans as posted here on this site, and where you modified. What particular batteries are you using? Instrumentation?

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