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Jack R. Welch's Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

Brief Description 
Replication accomplished approximately two week prior to Nov. 15, 2004. Has applied magnets of 2x size; tried different transistors to match.





quoting from:

1. Doubled size of magnets=blew 3055s and diodes.

2. wound a close wound coil and installed it around the S.G.coil hooked in parrelel with S.G.coil=blew all components (lots of energy there).

3. installed duel 3055s in parrelel =blew all components,the roter compltly locked up befre they blew.

4. Installed 5600uf 450V cap. across charging ckt. at batt. drew a vary big arc. lots of energy I dont know what kind but am going to find out!.

Thanks to all involved in this programe.


Dec. 8, 2004

Nov. 15, 2005

Replication Particulars

My roter is 14.5"in diameter has 8 magnets vary strong p.m.magnets .The machine has worked perfectly from start up,so long as I kept to the original design.The moter a perfect platform for experiments and I have had fun.

About Jack

Has had 40 years of experiece as an electrical technician.


JACK R.WELCH <jack82721{at}yahoo{dot}com>

Dear Sir

Could you give me your personal email .I needed to write to you regarding the permission of the book translated by my father .

he had written to you couple of time btu has nt received your response on the same.

I would appreciate if you could give me your personal email .so that i could fruther send u the details

Regards neelam

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