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Erwin Rem's Replication of John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer

August 2008: I have been working on a standard replication of the Bedini motor. Accomplishing a little overunity without to much trouble.

July 2011: Latest on efficient led driver. More movies of the prototypes are on my homepage/pulsmotor.



Led lights up, no closed circuit. Led gets 0,000040 watt.

  • bedinirodinhybrid.JPG

- the Bedini Rodin hybrid circuit drawing

My replica is a hybrid of the Bedini motor, youtube open source project pulse motor and Tesla bifilar coil for electromagnets. In theory electric resonance could exist between the two wires in the bifilar coil. This resonance creates extra, free energy. This state of resonance should be able to support itself for some time.

With an extra generation coil which lights up a led: ledgen.jpg


These are results of a testrun with two empty diposable 9 volt batteries. It represents the total voltage over the batteries which are connected in series. Hold in mind the findings of Sterling D. Allan that voltage messurements on disposable batteries are tricky.


Signal of the four ends of the coil visualised on the osciloscope. Neodyme magnet wheel:


Power and loading voltage. Line below is power in, upper smal sawtooth is loadingvoltage:


Ceramic magnet wheel oscilloscope images (ignore the inregularities, notice the spike on the loadingvoltage-laadstroom):



Replication Particulars


See Discussion page

See also

The homepage with lots of movies from previous testsettings including this test:

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