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Bonfirebuddhist (Ben)'s Replication of John Bedini's "School Girl Radiant Energy Circuit and Motor"

Hit solid state resonance right away upon completing the replication on Oct. 24, 2004, without realize that is what he did. Couldn't get wheel to turn, yet the squeeling sound was resulting in output batteries being charged. Achieved rotation Oct. 25.



Photos, Videos




Grainy camera shot of setup:
Circuit w/out camera flash:
Circuit w/ camera flash:
Achieved rotation (10/25/04 9:53pm)!!!:


Oct. 23, 2004

i made a few different coils, and tried different rotation devices, but to no avail. however, the wheel would not spin by itself even with a nudge or two, but it did start sqeeling. i noticed that when i rotated a magnet near the north pole on the coil, it would get louder, and quiet down once the magnet had passed. well, i have since given up on the wheel and took it out of the equation. I put all 4 magnets, north pole down, onto the top of the coil and just connected the battery, in a last ditch effort to see if 'anything' will happen. i ran my multimeter at 4:35pm and it read 7.49 volts. i have watched it incrementally go up to now when, at 10:29pm, it reads 8.18 volts! (this battery was run down somewhat before i decided to use it with this SG)

what exactly am i seeing here? is it perhaps a bad battery, or multimeter or something? i have tested this with two different voltmeters, so i dont know.

Sterling's Response

Oct. 24, 2004

The neon bulbs are very important. They can handle high voltage and give the energy some place to go when you don't have the output hooked up. Light is one outlet that radiant energy does well.

That squealing sound is most likely the solid state resonance. When you hit that point, the wheel will not turn. At least that is what I've observed. It will charge the output batteries though. Peter and John say the higher the frequency, the better the charge. Don't mistake current for charge. You actually want to go for no current and all radiant energy in the ideal state. Current is wasted energy, according to Tesla.

To get into rotation, you will need to reduce the ohms of your resistor. You have obviously hit the solid state resonance, which happens in the higher resistances. Get a 10k potentiometer from Radio Shack and play around with different resistances. Try 100 ohms. I doubt you will see solid state resonance in that region, but you will see rotation.

I've plotted the curve both for rotation and for solid state and hope to post tomorrow. That my help you visualize the phenomenon.


first data recording

Here is my attempt to be somewhat scientific at recording data about my 2-battery setup without the wheel from 10/23:
'Time' 'Battery A Volts' 'Battery B Volts' 'Ave Volts' 'Notes'
15:46 7.63 8.35 7.99 Start of testing
15:56 7.59 8.45 8.02
16:00 7.9 8.22 8.06 Took all 4 magnets off wheel and set on coil because wheel won't rotate no matter what I do
16:01 7.98 8.18 8.08
16:03 8.01 8.16 8.085
16:04 8.03 8.14 8.085
16:05 8.06 8.12 8.09
16:07 8.07 8.11 8.09
16:10 8.09 8.1 8.095
16:12 7.71 8.39 8.05 Touched E with pliers to snip off LED while running; coil starts whistling now
16:14 7.67 8.42 8.045
16:15 7.64 8.44 8.04
16:16 7.62 8.45 8.035
16:17 7.61 8.46 8.035
16:22 7.56 8.52 8.04
16:30 7.51 8.58 8.045
16:35 7.49 8.6 8.045
16:38 7.47 8.63 8.05 left alone to go grocery shopping
16:49 7.89 8.35 8.12
16:51 7.93 8.33 8.13
16:53 7.96 8.3 8.13
16:55 8.01 8.26 8.135
17:33 8.13 8.16 8.145
17:47 8.14 8.17 8.155
17:51 8.16 8.16 8.16
18:06 8.18 8.15 8.165
18:07 8.19 8.15 8.17
at this point I took off one of the batteries and went with a single battery.

achieved rotation!

i achieved rotation today, 10/25 at about 9:53pm! picture under picture section. as soon as i clean up my work desk a bit, i'll start data recordings. btw, this is with 2 batteries again, but no LED for right now.

Coaching Input

For John or Peter to post input if they are so linclined.

Chronological Report

Reverse chronological sequence.

Oct. 24, 2004

  • First posted notice of the replication, asking for input about what might not be right to keep system from working.

Replication Set-up

~850 turns of #20 and #23 magnet wire, with 3ft copper-coated welding rods cut to 3.25" lengths and crammed inside the coil.
2 rollerblade wheels side-by-side w/ high speed bearings, mounted on a 5" by 1/4" bolt
4 ceramic magnets from radioshack (#64-1877)
4 radioshack 9v alkaline batteries
schematic used 

my adjustments:

  • only using one battery;
  • not using a bulb, but have an LED (radioshack #276-041) for testing that i cross between C and E on the transistor
  • (not soldered because it heats up big time).
  • 10/25: i redid some soldering, new 2N3055, etc. put the rollerblade wheel back on top and its off and running! i still need to get a neon bulb, however.

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