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Replications of John Bedini's "School Girl Radiant Energy Circuit and Motor"



John Bedini and Peter Lindemann built a device in Sept. 2004 from which these plans are derived. Four PES Network Inc personnel saw the device in operation, along with about a dozen other similar iterations of the Bedini Circuit.

Replications Completed

  • Bonfirebuddhist Replicates Bedini SG - Hit solid state resonance right off, without realize that is what he did. Couldn't get wheel to turn, yet the squealing sound results in output batteries being charged. (Oct. 24, 2004)
  • Rick Friedrich's Replication of the Bedini SG - accomplished Nov. 8, 2004 using CD drive for bearings and CDs to hold magnets. Has made about 10 Bedini machines so far and has experienced what John said would happen with them. He is now directing the public email discussion about these machines.
  • Jack Welch's SG - My S.G.has been running for two weeks.It is a learning experience.I have some experiece being a for 40 yrs.I think the areas to look into is better cores and a radient energy collector. (Nov. 15)
  • Marcus' Replication - Commenced Nov. 19. Novel approach to kick starting solid state; measuring radiant spike.
  • Emmet Claims OU in Bedini SG - Says he has achieved over unity with several configurations since the third week of November. In process of conveying details.
  • Pakis' Replication - Using solid state resonant mode since accomodations don't have room for wheel. Toying with LI batteries (caution).
  • "Oneness" 's replication - Many successful replications, One with rollerblade wheel,rare earth magnets, and and single coil and a second one using two coils and one rollerblade wheel.First reported Dec. 5, 2004 updated 4/29/06
  • Replication by Richard - Has been wanting to build a Bedini for a year. Success on Christmas eve. Slight modification from plans.
  • Robert Claypool - reported on Jan. 4, 2005, that he replicated the Bedini SG via a laptop (?). On Sept. 9, 2007, User:Hackwrench says "unrepeatable."
  • MORE (create a page to report your replication and data collection progress)

Related Replications

  • Electromagnetic > Modified Bedini Cole Window motor - Mike (HMM) has posted a demonstrated video of a device which quickly became buzzed as "overunity," but he does not claim it to be such. Complete instructions provided. Many researchers presently seeking to replicate the effect.

To Newcomers


  • Monsieur Bonheur post photos - This is not a Bedini SG replication, but a more advanced Bedini variant. Uses four coils. Prelim data shows charging of receiving batteries. Completed Oct. 18, 2004.

Replications Under Way

If you are replicating, feel free to post your progress here at PESWiki. You can create your own page by typing the following in the address or your browser:

You will then see a page that says that there are no contents for that page. Click on "edit" and type away. Then preview and save. That's it.

Here's a template with content to get your page started.

Feel free to then link to that page from this one.

Here's a Template page for your Data presentation.

Feel free to help others present and organize their pages as well.

Things to Include in Your Report

The more of the following you can include, the better.

  • Stage of development (sourcing, building, collecting data, number of build)
  • Data from operation.
  • Components used (materials list, or how it varries from that recommended here); approximate cost.
  • Battery specifics, deep cycle, quick charge, lead-acid, gell cell, factory ratings....
  • Photos, video, diagrams.
  • Whether you are willing to let someone else come and view your demo.
  • Recommendations for improvement, cautions.
  • Sources for components.
  • Theory of operation.
  • Out-of-the-ordinary Temperature Variations, or lack thereof.
  • Abstract and Conclusions

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