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Plans for John Bedini's "School Girl Radiant Energy Circuit and Motor"




Full Assembly

Photos, drawings, video, animations.

Photo of Bedini's Original


(click here for enlaraged photo)

Photo of working, "Simplified Bedini School Girl", Sept. 24, 2004, from which the plans presented on this site are derived.

Differences between this photo and the plans on this site are as follows:

  • The device in the photo has its shaft fixed (rather than rotating on the axle as a usual bike wheel) so that its output torque can be assessed. The automotive fan is attached to illustrate the torque output. The torque is a function of (a) strength of magnets, (b) number of coil/circuit assemblies arranged in synchrony {so they fire at the same time}, (c) voltage input. In this simplified plan presentation, we are focusing not on the torque but on the output charging the battery through the circuit -- to verify if this is indeed tapping some external energy field, i.e. radiant energy.
  • The device in the photo still has a capacitor affixed to the stand, but the capacitor is not hooked up to the circuit. It is left over from an earlier iteration using the same device.
  • The device in the photo used to also have a four-way bridge, which was hooked to the capacitor. That has been replaced by a 1000-V diode (shown in photo).
  • The device in the photo shows three wires on the coil. That is also an artifact of a previous iteration. The present design calls for just two wires on the coil, wrapped at the same time parallel to each other the entire distance.

Circuit Schematic



  • Materials List page - Complete; includes specifications, quantity needed, tolerances, and brief sourcing information.


click here for full listing

Assembly Instructions



(In addition to the windows of tolerance mentioned above).

More Coils

More coils can be added around the perimeter of the wheel.

  • If there is more than one coil, then the magnets need to be equally spaced around the perimeter of the wheel because the coils need to fire at the same time. This is important, but does not require absolute precision. The window of tolerance is much smaller, however, for this matter. Multi-coil units need to all fire at the same time. The fields need to be expanding and collapsing in synchrony or they will interfere with one another.
  • Number of turns of wire does not need to be identical from one coil to the next. The window of tolerance is wide here.

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