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Sourcing Materials in Europe for John Bedini's Simplified 'School Girl' Motor and Battery Energizer


Materials to be Sourced

The following is the list of harder-to-find materials required to replicate the Bedini School Girl motor-energizer as presented in this project.


This is for people in Europe -especially Germany- who wish to build a SSG but have difficulties to get the required materials. I sell complete Kits which contains everything to build a SSG:

  • Magnet wire #20 & #23 gauge (for Europeans like me: 0,51mm & 0,56mm)
  • Ceramic 5 Strontium ferrit magnets in the right size
  • 24" bicycle wheel
  • Welding rods
  • 20 diodes
  • 3 x Transistor 2N3055
  • bulbs

etc. etc.

People who would like to have such a complete Kit should contact me by email


Buying such a Kit is a deal for everyone: For builders because they get the right stuff. For John & Rick because they do not have to complain again and again about people using false materials (like neos instead of ceramic magnets) and than worry about a non working device. For me: Because I calculate the price for the kit so, that mine is for free;) I do not want to earn money with these Kits, but I think it´s allright that my work is paid!

Batteries, Rechargeable

Conrad Elektronik GmbH - - Shop for almost everything

Coil Spool


Diode, 1000 Volt

Magnet Core (Welding Rod)

Magnet Wire for Trigger Coil Winding

Johann Sauter - - Very cheap and great selection (Germany only)


Webcraft GmbH - -Best and cheapest source for NIB-Magnets. They even produce and sell custom-made magnets.

Neon Lamps




Marcus Wagner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany <a.fallen.angel{at}gmx{dot}de> (He can only supply you with infos, how to build the device, etc.. No parts. But he is very nice, just mail him.)

Matthias Schmitt, Bad Kissingen, Germany (This email-adress seems to be no more existent)

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