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Listed here are a few technologies used in recharging batteries.


Products in the Marketplace

  • Airnergy: The Device That Charges Your Gadgets From WiFi Signals - RCA, a U.S. – based company, presented their Airnergy device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Last Vegas last week. Airnergy is capable to harness useful electricity from Wi-Fi signals everywhere, and deploy it into its own battery, so you can use it later to charge any gadget that has a mini-USB connector. (The Green Optimistic; Jan. 11, 2010)
  • Top 100: Featured: Battery Chargers / Radiant Energy >
    Bedini's R-Charge Device also Rejuvenates Batteries - Renaissance Charge brings to the marketplace the first radiant [as in Tesla] battery chargers that radically increasing battery capacity in sulfated (dead or dying) batteries, dramatically reducing replacement costs. R-Charge also draws less power compared to traditional chargers. (PEWiki; Nov. 10, 2008)

  • M2E Power Could Charge Your Cell Phone With Kinetic Energy! - M2E Power is emphasizing the commercial applications for their technology, with a specific goal: revolutionizing cell phone batteries. An external charger generates between 300 and 700 percent more energy than current kinetic energy technologies, and may eventually replace cell phone batteries altogether. (PESWiki; Aug. 21, 2008)
  • Fingertip Powered Charger - The working principle for these electricity generators is the piezoelectric effect. These units can be built up in laptops/cell phones and recharge your device's battery while you type.
  • SmartSpark Energy Sytems - BattEQ makes rechargeable batteries last longer by shuttling charge from strong cells to weak cells in a battery string. This increases the life, performance and safety of virtually any battery chemistry; including lead acid, Li-Ion, NiMh and NiCd. Laboratory and field testing has seen performance increases up to 250%.
  • AccelRate battery charger - AccelRate charger technology can be used with lead-acid, NiMh, NiCd, and lithium batteries. Charger utilizes a charge/discharge algorithm that enables a full state-of-charge in 80% less time than conventional technology, and will extend battery life to its original capacity because of heat reduction during charging.
  • Battery-Powered Battery Charger - Motorola's P970 is essentially a 1700mAh rechargeable battery with a USB port on top. May prove handy for other gadgets that can recharge through their mini USB ports, such as phones, PDA and MP3 players. (Impact Lab; Oct. 14, 2006)


Research and Development

  • Drawing power from the road - Engineering company Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr (IAV) is looking to embed roads with electrical conductors that would “refuel” the electric cars of the future while they are driving or are parked. Inductive loops buried in the roadway would generate a magnetic field to supply the cars with energy without the need for cables and connectors. (GizMag; October 1, 2009)


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