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The Hybrio, new technology battery, is ready-to-use right out of the package, lasts 4x longer than standard alkalines, retains its charge long-term -- even if not used for months -- and is rechargeable up to 500 times.


Technical data

AAA discharge
AAA discharge
AAA self-discharge
AAA self-discharge
AA self-discharge
AA self-discharge
AA discharge
AA discharge

Hybrio cells are NiMH cells optimized for low self-discharge. They doesn't show any memory effect, but are more sensitive to temperature than standard NiMH cells, storage is recommended below 25°C.

internal resistance 
AAA : <50 mOhms
AA : <35 mOhms
AAA : 12g
AA : 28g
maximum recommanded charge rate 
AAA : 1200mA
AA : 3000 mA

Hybrio -- new rechargeable battery

Uniross, a global leader in rechargeable batteries and chargers, and its newly acquired subsidiary North American Battery Company (NABC) announced on Sept. 7, 2006 the release of the Hybrio "new technology battery".

The Hybrio is ready-to-use right out of the package, just like a disposable battery. It lasts four times as long as standard rechargeable batteries. It also retains its charge long-term -- even if not used for months -- and is rechargeable up to 500 times, combining for the first time the instant-power convenience of disposable batteries with the reuse and long life of rechargeables.

Official Websites


Hybrio is now available. See above websites for where to buy.


Five key benefits of the new Hybrio battery are:

Use Anywhere
The Hybrio can be used in any application where AA and AAA batteries are called for. They are ready to use out of the package and have long shelf life.
The Hybrio comes charged and ready to use off-the-shelf, and can last up to four times longer on each charge than standard disposable batteries when used in high-drain devices like digital cameras, which means far fewer battery changes.
Long Life
The Hybrio features a three-year battery life limited warranty. It will last for 3+ years when recharged regularly as directed.
One Hybrio rechargeable is equivalent to up to 500 standard disposable batteries. The payback period on purchasing a charger and batteries occurs after using them just twice ... and the savings continue year after year.
Environmentally Sound
Billions of ordinary batteries are thrown away every year, many of which end up in landfills and contribute to the pollution of our lakes and streams, and introduce harmful contaminants into the environment. Because up to 500 fewer disposable batteries go to landfills for every Hybrio rechargeable battery used, consumers can feel good about their choice to "power responsibly."

Helping the Environment

The pollution caused by batteries is one of the most problematic aspects of household waste disposal.

They contain a number of heavy metals (Aluminium - Cadmium - Mercury - Nickel - Lead - Iron - Zinc - Calcium - magnesium - Lithium), some of which are highly toxic for humans, animals and plants. They pollute the soil and poison ground water. [1]

About NABC and Uniross

The product will be marketed as "Hybrio by Ultralast," taking advantage of the existing distribution of NABC and Uniross products.

Craig Taylor is CEO of Uniross Batteries Corp.

Uniross is a global leader in rechargeable batteries and chargers, offering a complete range of long-life Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that last up to five times longer than alkaline batteries and can be recharged whenever desired or needed for at least three years. Uniross and NABC, under a portfolio of brands that includes Ultralast, Again and Again, and Uniross, offer a complete line of batteries for consumer and industrial applications, ranging from alkaline batteries to Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium rechargeables. With more than 35 years of experience in the rechargeable battery marketplace, the company is currently the number one brand in Europe and has distribution in more than 70 countries.

External links

  • Uniross joins forces with WWF - The battery manufacturer will collaborate with the WWF to organise battery collection events, promote recycling and launch eco-products ahead of legislation, to help address issues such as hazardous chemicals and diminishing natural resources. (What Digital Camera; Sept. 3, 2006)


PAN Communications, for NABC and Uniross
Jeff Dillow, 978-474-1900


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