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Page first featured January 25, 2009

Barter is not only a survival mechanism, but can actually be a preferred method of exchange. Think "Reciprocal Trade".

With the economy tanking as the good-ol-boy's club passes away, and as we anticipate a new society rising that will be far more enlightened, one of those elements in the new society will be a better monetary system.



(9.22 Minutes)

  • Your Business Needs a Barter Trade Exchange Group If you are a business owner anywhere in the USA, join BarterWorks today, a full service barter trade exchange group to reap the benefits of trading services with other like-minded business owners. Barter trade exchange furniture, graphic and Web design services, limousines, restaurants, lodging and luxury hotels, vacation destinations and more! (YouTube; July 03, 2008)

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(9.22 Minutes)

  • The Barter Bank Your time is valuable. So is hers. Bank on it. (YouTube; June 19, 2007)

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  • School House Rock - This For That I'll give you this for that That for this We'll make a trade called "barter" I'll give you this for that That for this We'll have it made with barter. (YouTube; January 18, 2008)

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Types of Services

Affiliate Trade

Online Barter

Brick-and-Mortar Barter

  • Global Trade Group' - Global Trade Group Ltd. is a "Brick & Mortar" as well as an online interactive Barter / Trade Clearing House serving business people, professionals, and individuals who trade their goods and services.

Interstate and International Barter


In the News

  • Everybody’s Buzzing About Bartering. - The barter system has been flourishing in this country for centuries, but it has seen an uplift in activity since about 1982. It's currently one of the fastest-growing economic segments. Last year, approximately $18 billion dollars in goods and services were bartered. (Shine; Aug. 1, 2008)
  • Not Your Ancestors' Barter. - The exchange of goods and services remains mostly local matter, the Internet is taking corporate barter to new heights. (All Business; Jan. 1, 2001)



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"Insist on a web presence whether for a barter exchange or anyone claiming to rate or monitor them. In today’s world, no web presence means a lack of customer service. In a barter exchange, it also means a much more limited selection of available barter partners and reflects an exchange that is not making best use of available technology. In a nonprofit organization it signifies a lack of organization and commitment.
Insist on a customer service phone number.
Check for complaints with the company’s local Better Business Bureau.
Look for companies that are members of the IRTA or NATE, where it makes sense to do so.
Ask for references.
Find a company by personal referral where possible." (The Pros and Cons in Barter)


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