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Atlantis Resources Corporation has developed two families of sub-sea turbines -- extensively tested over a decade of field trials -- that they purport could be a reliable, economic and secure form of renewable energy.

Nereus™ is a shallow water turbine which has been extensively tested, and grid connected in Australia. It is also suitable for use in rivers, due to its ability to cope with large amounts of debris. Solon™ is a deep water turbine for installation in some of the fastest flowing currents in the world.

Others in the industry contest Atlantis' claim to being the best tidal design, saying that the Atlantis designs are inherently inefficient.



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How it Works

By offering two families of turbine designs, Atlantis can deploy the right turbine for the right micro-location within any particular tidal current resource, connecting them in the optimum configuration to maximise project returns. Atlantis is able to provide local solutions to all tidal current project developers and project permit holders, globally.

Tidal Current technology uses the horizontal flow of water caused by the high tide bulge resulting from the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun moving around the Earth’s surface. Unless taken to extremes, it does not require blocking of any waterways, and hence does not have the adverse environmental effects associated with Tidal Barrages.

Tidal current energy takes the kinetic energy available in currents and converts it into renewable electricity. As oceans cover over 70% of Earth’s surface, ocean energy (including wave power, tidal current power and ocean thermal energy conversion) represents a vast source of energy, estimated at between 2,000 and 4,000 TWh per year, enough energy to continuously light between 20 and 40 billion 11W low-energy light bulbs.

Atlantis’ turbines are expressly designed for commercial scale installation, in an ‘array’ or ‘turbine farm’ to generate meaningful megawatts of electricity in order to meet industrial load demands.


Nereus Turbine
Nereus Turbine
  • Nereus™ is a unique type of horizontal axis turbine targeted for shallow (below 25 metres) open water, river and hydro tail race deployment.
  • The turbine uses Aquafoils™ to capture momentum from the flow of water to drive a chain perpendicular to the flow.
  • The turbine is robust and can withstand water flow containing significant debris. It is fully scalable and has been developed over a 6 year period with multiple tow-testing and continual optimisation.
  • Tow testing of the 400kW Nereus™ II was carried out in July 2008 with impressive results verified by Black & Veatch.


Solon Turbine
Solon Turbine
  • The Solon™ design is based on the ducted Horizontal Axis Turbine. The turbine’s differentiating factors are in its blade design, power take-off system and material science.
  • Solon™ is a horizontal axis turbine targeted for deep (25+ meters) open water deployment, and has been developed over the last 2 years. It is ideally suited to floating arrays in water depths exceeding 40 meters. It can be configured based on the flow regime.
  • Solon™ has been designed from first principles using extensive computer modeling and following tow-testing in August 2008, is likely to be the world’s most efficient water-to-wire turbine.
  • Tow testing of the 500kW Solon™ was conducted in August 2008 with impressive results verified by Black & Veatch.


  • In September 2006, Atlantis successfully connected a tidal current turbine to grid. The Aquanator™, was commissioned under connection agreement with SPAusNet and offtake agreement with an Australian utility in Victoria.
  • Atlantis successfully completed the installation, grid-connection and commissioning of a 150kW Nereus™ I tidal current turbine in May 2008 at San Remo, Victoria, Australia.
  • Atlantis smashed its own dynamic tow-test record in July 2008 using the Nereus™ II.
  • Nereus™ on target to become prototype-certified by Det Norske Veritas for the dedicated San Remo test facility.


Unit costs as well as energy costs, e.g. cents/kw-h, including factors such as installation, maintenance, decommissioning; relative to other renewable technologies as well as relative to conventional energy products.


  • Atlantis’ turbines installations have been rigorously monitored and, to date, no adverse environmental impact has been recorded on sea life or the seabed.
  • Atlantis’ turbines are scalable, modular and suitable for installation in very diverse environments.
  • Atlantis’ turbines are suited to direct grid connection in exactly the same way as offshore wind and can be connected off-grid and in remote locations, to offset fuel consumption in diesel generation.
  • Nereus™ and Solon™ have been independently rated as the top two tidal current technologies for performance, efficiency and commercialisation potential.
  • Economically competitive with offshore wind
  • Tidal turbine arrays take up far less space than offshore wind farms
  • Tidal current turbines are constructed of far less material per MWh generated
  • Tidal current turbines are largely submerged, hence are visually less distracting
  • Tidal current energy is highly predictable


  • Underwater power generation

Independent Testing

  • In August 2008, Solon™ became the world’s largest horizontal axis turbine to be tow-tested.
  • Atlantis successfully completed the world’s largest dynamic tow test of a tidal current turbine in December 2007, as verified by Black & Veatch, using the Nereus™ I.
  • Atlantis became the first company in the world to decommission a tidal current test site in May 2008.


With multiple patents pending in up to 45 countries, the company’s IP portfolio covers all major classes of tidal current turbine design relating to the extraction of energy from the horizontal flow of water.

An underwater power generation system (10) that has a line member (30) that moves along a defined pathway. A number of foils (40) drive the line member using the flow of a water current. The defined pathway lies in a plane that is substantially perpendicular to the flow of water current. A power take-off (114, 124) is connected to the line to produce power.


Company: Atlantis Resources Corporation

Atlantis was founded in 1996.


In the News

  • Hydro > Tidal > Atlantis >
    Atlantis To Test World's Biggest Tidal Turbine - Atlantis Resources Corp is to test the world's biggest tidal turbine in the rough waters off the Orkney Islands next year in preparation for Scotland's plan to use ocean energy for half a million homes by 2020. The AK-1000 turbine has rotors that are 18 meters in diameter, the height of five storey building and has a capacity of 1 megawatt. (Planet Ark; Dec. 1, 2009)
  • Featured: Ocean > Tidal Power >
    Atlantis Resources Corporation -- Nereus and Solon Tidal Turbines - Atlantis has developed two families of sub-sea turbines, extensively tested over a decade of field trials. Nereus™ is a shallow water turbine which has been extensively tested, and grid connected in Australia. Solon™ is a deep water turbine for installation in some of the fastest flowing currents in the world. (PESWiki; Sept. 23, 2008)
  • Ocean > Tide >
    Nereus Turbine - Atlantis is unique in having developed two families of sub-sea turbines, extensively tested over a decade of field trials. Nereus™ is a shallow water turbine which has been extensively tested, and grid connected in Australia. Solon™ is a deep water turbine suitable for installation in some of the fastest flowing currents in the world. (Atlantis Resources Corp)
  • Morgan Stanley Making Waves With Tidal Energy - The hope of tapping the energy of the world’s oceans has attracted a number of large investors, and today one of the biggest, Morgan Stanley, has upped its investment. The investment bank announced that its tidal current energy project developer, Current Resources, has been fully acquired by tidal turbine maker Atlantis Resources Corporation. In exchange for Current Resources, Atlantis has made Morgan Stanley its largest shareholder. (Earth2Tech; Sept. 8, 2008)


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