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Stan Deyo gives a fascinating presentations on gravity and antigravity, considering, for example, the similarities between ripples from a drop of water and solar system symmetries. Includes discussion of free energy, beginning at the end of part 6 of 8.


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How it Works

"We do not feel it wise to release anti-gravity into the current global terrorism environment. Having said that, I will give you clues to pursue yourself... carefully...."

In essence you need to make what Michael Faraday (not Emmett Brown of back to the future) called a 'flux capacitor'. By definition a flux capacitor will store dynamic charges (q/t) which create the flux.

1) Gravity is a function of spin at an atomic level. Without spin in a fluid (like dark energy or dark matter or 'aether space') gravity does not exist (as far as we know).

2) One of the five EM vectors we tested on the surface of the Earth in both hemispheres showed that one component of 'gravity' varies significantly between the hemispheres.

3) Using coils of wire, soft iron or mu metal cores is an essential part of the device.

4) Using pulsed direct current is another part.

5) Separating pulse trains by phases is another.

6) Using a toroidal shape as I showed in both examples at the Roswell lecture is an integral part of the device.<br.

7) The use of modern electronic components is not necessary. The standard electronic components available to the public in the 1950's will suffice.

8) Patience is needed when testing whatever you build. It takes a minimum amount of time to stack the spinning energy in a gravitic field so you need to give it a few minutes to see weight changes (depending on how the field is oriented).

9) You may need to have a non-conductive, manual circuit breaker between your circuit and the coils in the event you screw up and cause a field discharge. It can produce high voltages of the kind that are fatal."
(From Stan Deyo Antigravity Feb. 9, 2008)

1) You need to generate a pulsed DC current in, say, the washer coils. They should be related to the coils in the rods by tuned resonance.

2) Envision a simple Tesla coil circuit with the primary circuit being fed by DC pulses. Let the rod coils represent that primary LC circuit. Then replace the secondary circuit with the washer coils and create a tuned LC for that set of coils to match the resonant frequency of the primary circuit. Isolate both circuits with, say 100 amp diodes to keep the flows traveling the same direction (stop the AC components)

3) The idea is to create a pulsed spinning filed that is like a toroid but spinning around the central vertical axis.

4) The frequency range will probably be 50 to 150Hz.

- the two sets of coils will create the spin by their own interaction
- For energy to build-up in a field it takes time and resonance.

The coils are coupled harmonically like two tesla coils with L & C in both. When properly designed the coils
will produce a spinning pulsed DC and both current and voltage will increase as the energy stacks up harmonically (just like a secondary circuit in the standard tesla coil.
The energy will alternate between the two coil circuits (both having L&C chosen to make the same resonant frequency in them).
The navigator's circuits built up slowly and did generate high-voltage he would have contained the back emf with components
that were standard, off the shelf items in the late 50's. Maybe he combined smaller diodes and
capacitors and resistors to control the high-voltage and high currents that developed as the field expanded.
The washer coils should be in circuit#1. The rod coils in circuit#2.
Both circuits should be tuned to the same frequency somewhere between 40 and 120 Hz (we think)
It is our belief that the diodes prevent the back emf from forming in the initiating coil circuit.
The magnetic field will pass the back emf energy to the other set of coils because it
cannot take the emf path as it would normally in a tuned circuit.
The only way to get the field to stack or compound is pass the energy of
the back emf into the other set of coils in phase with the coupled input to the second set.


Toroidal Coil System (resembles John Searl's generator?)
Toroidal Coil System (resembles John Searl's generator?)

Creates a similar donut-shaped toroid like the SEG


AntiGravity explained and produced!! Amazing!

Part 1 of 8

(9.48 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 1 of 8

  • Antigravity easily explained by Stan Deyo and presented with computer animation. (YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 2 of 8

(10.32 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 2 of 8
(YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 3 of 8

(10.23 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 3 of 8

  • Suspended droplets. (YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 4 of 8

(8.39 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 4 of 8

  • Gravity Spin Coupling. (YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 5 of 8

(10.3 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 5 of 8

  • Toroidal Ring. (YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 6 of 8

(10.03 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 6 of 8

  • Control of Gravity. (YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 7 of 8

(8.21 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 7 of 8
(YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Part 8 of 8

(6.11 Minutes) AntiGravity explained and produced - Part 8 of 8
(YouTube; February 12, 2008)

Full Video at Google Video

(77 Minutes) Stan Deyo - Anti-Gravity, Free Energy and the Technology of the New World Order

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