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Directory of Alphabetics studies pertaining to exotic free energy.

The study of Alphabetics was discovered and established by Sterling D. Allan, the founder of PESWiki, in 1997.

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(have some kind of Alphabetics studies within them)

  • Featured: Movies >
    BBC now casting off-grid pioneers for 1-year documentary project - BBC Worldwide Productions is searching for true visionaries who are prepared to move into the wild and begin their own civilization for a compelling new documentary TV series. "We are casting resourceful, idealistic people who organically have an interest in starting over, on their own terms." (PESN; December 25, 2015)
  • Featured: Alphabetics > Supping Quest >
    Super-Blood-Moon-Shemitah-Jubilee - The night of Sept. 27-28 would be a good time for the supping event to happen to evoke the repentance clause of prophecy. The exact full moon occurs within 5 minutes of the greatest eclipse time, 1.5 hours after sunset in Utah. Many people will be outside observing this, and the darkness of the sky will accentuate the antonym brightness of Jesus appearing. (GreaterThings; September 24, 2015)
  • Featured: Alphabetics / US Govt. > Constitution >
    U.S. Constitution affirmed by Alphabetics - Vicinity definitions from the Old and New Testament lexicons include: to will; laid as a foundation, a fundamental principle; to be constituted; to establish a statute; to constitute; to rule over; the ark of the testimony; firm roots. (GreaterThings; September 14, 2015)
  • Featured: Alphabetics / Conspiracy > 911 >
    "911 was an inside job" confirmed in Alphabetics; Obama as mastermind - in ASCII comes to 1818. Word 1818 in NT lexicon: "To deceive completely"; 1819: "suddenly, unexpectedly"; 1820: "to be surprised; to give up hope in despair." 1818 in the OT: "innocent blood, slaughter." Points to Obama as AntiChrist architect of 911: "demolition, perdition;" "buildings whose foundations alone remain, ruins." (GreaterThings; September 10, 2015)
  • Spirituality > Alphabetics > Sup Quest > Lindsey Stirling >
    Mystery of Eve Unfolded: Lindsey Stirling - See how the alphabetical sequence of words and the numbers associated with them in the Bible pinpoint Lindsey Stirling as having been Eve, now come again as Heavenly Mother in the flesh, to help bring the human family back into the garden (kingdom of heaven on earth). (GreaterThings; July 11, 2015)
  • Spirituality > Alphabetics > Supping w/ Jesus >
    "When the Stars Align" -- video based on Reality? - Lindsey Stirling has a video depicting her coming from a distant star or galaxy. While that makes for fun content, according to my studies, it's actually a true depiction, and it has direct relevance to opening the floodgates for exotic free energy and other alternatives that have been suppressed. (LindseyStirlingFan; March 12, 2015)
  • Spirituality > Alphabetics > Supping w/ Jesus >
    Is Lindsey Stirling Heavenly Mother in the Flesh? - Alphabetics provides a very exact portrayal of the world-famous, dancing violinist Mormon girl; and it also points to her as Heavenly Mother incarnate, to help us prevent the 3.5-year reign of the beast we have coming to us if we don't repent soon. Do you want to help me get her attention? (GreaterThings; March 2, 2015)
  • Off Topic : Spirituality > Alphabetics > Book >
    Heavenly Father and Mother in the Flesh - In describing who/what God is, the easiest analogy is Santa Claus. It's not just one dude making 20,000 stops per second, but many hundreds of millions of parents playing the role for their kids. Cute. Why do we have such a hard time realizing the same kind of distributed teamwork is true of God? (Surveys added) (GreaterThings; January 18, 2015)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Sterling >
    "Alphabetics" in ASCII -- one sad God in the flesh - Sterling reflects on the wholesale rejection of his message by his Free Energy community -- those who know him the best; shows indisputable evidence of the validity of Alphabetics, and its prophecy about the rise of exotic free energy and the awakening role of his rejection in bring about a new world. (GreaterThings; January 9, 2014)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Sterling Sunday School >
    Our Heavenly Father - Reviewing a recent survey on the logical flow of thought from Joseph Smith's teaching: As God is, man may become. A look at the primary word for "father"; in the OT and NT lexicons, reinforcing the Adam-God doctrine and tying to second Messianic advent bringing mankind back into the garden. Adam named everything; another word for Father is "alphabet." (GreaterThings; January 4, 2015)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Sterling >
    Sterling Confession - Sterling talks about how his addiction to lust resulted in his divorce and now possible incarceration, arguing that society should stop using sex to sell, which results in broken marriages, families, lives; and violation of children. He believes he chose this weakness as part of his life path to overcome. (PESN; January 3, 2015)
  • Featured: Hutchison >
    This Thanksgiving, I'm Headed to Hutchison's - Who wouldn't want to hang out the such an amazing set of people? No, they're not opening a lodge, but they did invite me to come to their new lab, so I'm on my way. Free Energy Quest -- where strange is normal and endearing. Trip planned to Tampa. Title in Alphabetics. Survey. (PESN; November 27, 2014)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics / Hydrogen > SHT >
    SHT in Alphabetics: Crucify Messianic Technology - I looked up the numbers in Jack Aganyan's (Solar Hydrogen Trends, President) cell phone number, and they include: 818 Shiloh/Messiah; 427 God; 4714 to crucify. I also looked up their email and web address in ASCII. An initial-caps version of their url in ASCII recommends the remedy of open source. Survey. (PESN; November 23, 2014)
  • Featured: Alphabetics >
    Gettysburg Address Modernized by Bible Alphabetics - I had no idea what a jewel I would find when I thought to just look up the ASCII sum for "Gettysburg Address" and look up that number in the Old and New Testament lexicons. Also looked up "Abraham Lincoln", "November 19, 1863", and even the url of this page. Also looked up the number 1863 in the lexicons. (GreaterThings; November 21, 2014)
  • OFF TOPIC: Conspiracy / Spirituality > Sterling Sunday School / Alphabetics >
    Banished from LDS Property -- Foretold in Alphabetics - In listening to something in my episodes and reading into it something that was not there, someone(s) among the LDS Brethren got hyper concerned about me, and penned a completely false statement alleging that I had created a disturbance on LDS property, thus banning me from all LDS property. In protest, I showed up anyway. (GreaterThings; October 28, 2014)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Sterling Sunday School >
    Ideal Obedience Stems from Understanding/Agreeing - In Hebrew and Greek, the first and primary meaning for the word translated "obedience/obey" is actually "hear", followed by "understand", then "obey". Obedience is not to be blind, but should make sense. The English word "observe", likewise has such dual meaning. Alphabetics conveys a similar relationship. (Sterling Sunday School; October 19, 2014)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Multiple Mortalities > Sterling Sunday School >
    Reincarnation in Alphabetics - Addressing the contrary scripture: "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." A look at the Greek word for judgment: krisis. Inserting the modern Greek and Hebrew word for "reincarnation" into the lexicons. Shows it to be fundamental to understanding who we are, as well as our need to turn to God for assistance in doing the best we can do in any lifetime. (Sterling Sunday School; October 12, 2014)
  • Featured: Spirituality > Sterling Sunday School >
    Crazy-Talk / Divorce and Recovery - On September 15, Cheri and I signed our divorce agreement, one day following the first to two Sterling Sunday School episodes I did regarding our divorce. I show how our divorce lines up in the Alphabetics code; and I invite everyone to step into their "one mighty and strong" mission. (GreaterThings; September 28, 2014)
  • The magic of Fibonacci numbers - Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!) [goes into Alphabetics of Phi: 1.618...] (Free Energy Blog; November 10, 2013)
  • Featured: Nikola Tesla >
    Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings; Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)
  • Featured: Tools > Spirituality >
    Is the Love of Money Always Evil? - The purpose for this article is to show that it is not only permissible but highly encouraged from a spiritual vantage point to pursue money for the sake of benefitting humankind on God's errand. The Greek word for "love", in 1 Tim. 6:10 actually means "covet": so it is the greed-lust for money that is evil. (GreaterThings; October 1, 2013)

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