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Directory of resources related to the theory behind all-magnet motors.


  • Wireless Transmission / Magnet Motors >
    Michal Martinu's Free Energy Page - Some fascinating ideas, animations, links; including building huge solar plants in the equatorial deserts or oceans an transmitting the power via Tesla transmitters. Also has a fascinating proposal for a magnet motor, showing field animations compared to an electric version. (
  • Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth - "It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. On the dayside of Earth (the side closest to the sun), Earth's magnetic field presses against the sun's magnetic field. Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can flow. The portal takes the form of a magnetic cylinder about as wide as Earth. (Science@NASA; Oct. 30, 2008)
  • Featured: Magnet Motors / Gravity Motors / Electromagnetic >
    Lee-Tseung Lead Out Theory - Theory predicts that both gravitational and electron motion energy can be lead out via pulse force at resonance on oscillating, vibrating, rotating or flux change systems. The ideal pulse force for a simple pendulum can be thought of as the pull applied perpendicular to the arc of motion when the pendulum bob is at the maximum displaced position. (PESWiki; Sept. 16, 2008)
  • Magnet Motors Powered by Electron Spin - Former College Dean, Dr. Ken Kozeka, puts forth a model to describe how the energy in magnet motors is generated from the electron spin that maintains the magnetism, and that it is essentially an atomic force at work -- not energy from nowhere. (PESN; Aug. 3, 2007)
  • Jan P Cack's Magnet Motor - Theoretical design has not yet been tested. Animation show that rotating stator magnets appear to maintain a positive attraction-repulsion relationship.
  • Center Magnet Shielding - "A device of this sort was given as an extra credit homework problem by an MIT professor back in 1985. Chris Cheng, a high school student from Sydney, Australia, sent us a simple version, from which this one evolved through a process of tinkering." (Museum of Unworkable Devices)
  • Zwick13 - Universal and planetary gears driven by magnetic repulsion, hypercube magnet box.
  • Perpetually Rotating Bar Magnet Arrangement Using magnets in a pattern where symmetry is slightly disjointed. Magnets naturally find a place to rest somewhere where the system is in balance. This system/arrangement deliberately has no balance point..
  • The Astronaut's Magnetic Boots - Astronaut training boots had permanent magnets with "memory". The boots and references thereto disappeared from the literature for reasons suspected to do with the magnet motor application which "the powers that be" did not want released. Researcher John Reed uncovers the original Radus magnet boots from Radus' sister. (; circa 2001-2005)
  • The Symmetrical Permanent Magnet Motor- An essay by Tom Bearden that discusses standard physics models for magnet interaction in a rotor-stator configuration. Proposes model in which "vacuum" energy contributes to the mix to overcome net attraction repulsion. 5 pp. including 6 figures.
  • Featured / OS: Magnet Motors >
    Dreieck Magnet Motor concept - No prototypes have been built yet for this design developed in Austria, which they are open sourcing. Their 2D computer modeling predicts a three-fold gain. They're hoping for help with 3D modeling. (PESWiki; Jan. 21, 2010)
  • OS: Magnet Motors > Dreieck >
    Simulation error noted in Dreieck Magnet Motor concept - "Hohl's and many other's mistake is to take a limited 'snapshot' of a complete cycle. This limited zone or region of force, integrated (averaged) over the incomplete cycle path, then shows an apparent 'gain' or non-zero result!" 3D simulations suggest net zero gain. (PESWiki; Jan. 26, 2010)
  • Classifieds: Magnet Motors >
    Detroit Magnet Motor Inventor Seeks Gauss Meter - An inventor in Detroit said that on Dec. 1 an all-magnet motor he's been working on began rapidly spinning by the power of magnetism alone. He is looking for someone in the Detroit area who has a gauss meter he could use to test the magnets to see if they are diminishing in strength. (PESWiki; Dec. 4, 2009)
  • Projecto Motor Magnético - SolidWorks 3D presentation. "This model does not work. Since the build and I am now walking to do experiments with other models."

"Any geometrical arrangements of magnets will produce no net energy sufficient to overcome its own friction, never mind allowing output energy." -- Robert Indech, PhD, PE, New Energy Congress (April 7, 2006)

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