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Directory of Acetylene technologies and resources.



Acetylene (IUPAC name: ethyne) , C2H2, is a hydrocarbon belonging to the group of alkynes. It is considered to be the simplest of all alkynes as it consists of two hydrogen atoms and two carbon atoms. Acetylene is an unsaturated organic compound because its two carbon atoms are triply bonded.

The principal raw materials for acetylene manufacture are calcium carbonate (limestone) and coal.


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    Interview: Super-Efficient 'Gun' Engine - Canadian inventor, Kazimierz Holubowicz, has come up with an environmentally friendly and transmission-free engine based on the same mechanics as how a bullet is shot from a gun. More recent test results showed a 14% increase in torque while using 10% as much fuel. Engine can run on acetylene. (PESWiki)



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  • Dallas, Texas acetylene tanks explode - One after another, in very short succession (1-2/second) acetylene tanks explode, some take off like rockets, as traffic on a nearby highway continues to flow as if nothing is happening just a few feet away. This goes on for at least 7 minutes. (YouTube; July 25, 2007)

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  • Acetylene Explosion - A demonstration of the explosive potential of even a small amount of acetylene mixed with the right amount of oxygen. Presented in Carleton University's CHEM 1000 course. (YouTube; January 29, 2007)

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  • Acetylene experiment goes badly wrong! - This is our chemistry teacher trying to do an oxygen + acetylene experiment (O2 + C2H2), but I think it was more powerful than he expected. (YouTube; February 27, 2008)


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