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please3mta3's Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance



My wife drives a 2003 Honda Element Realtime. It does about 375 km before filling up, meaning when the empty light goes on she fills the tank, it's around 45 L (60L tank, 15L reserve). I first read about the Honda Pilot on this website, and decided to try it on mine.


  • 2003 Honda Element
  • 1.26 oz/10 gal (2 oz / 60 L)
  • 375 km before
  • 390 km after
  • 390 km tested
  • no noticeable power gains (power, idle, exhaust)

Individual Reports

August 20, 2005

I started with 2oz Acetone. When the empty light came on, the trip meter read 390 km. So, there was a 15 km increase.


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