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Tom Sarsfield's Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance

(This page was originally posted on the 'template' page, Nov 5, 2005))



  • I tested acetone in the gas of my Toyota Matrix to see if there was any difference in gas milage. I have a relatively simple course. The miles are mostly highway.


  • Toyota Matrix
  • ratio(s) of acetone used (3oz / 11 gal)
  • number of miles tested: 888
  • other observations (power, idle, exhaust) Increased RPMs of about 1500 RPMs more than normal

Gallons filled up during the test: 28.2 Average MPG 31.5

I never deviated from my route, it took about a week to run through a tank of gas, and I went to the same gas station for each fillup.

I did the same test with the same route without acetone.

Miles traveled: 831 Gallons used: 26.2 Average MPG without acetone: 31.7

For me, the conclusion is that Acetone makes no difference in fuel efficiency. I don't see any reward for acetone to the fuel tank. Just drive slower, keep the tires rotated and balanced and the MPG should stay relatively good.


  • email: tom_sarsfield at

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