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Burntkat's Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance in Two Jeeps and a Blazer



Vehicles Descriptions

My tests concerning acetone as a fuel additive are taking place in the following vehicles:

Test Vehicle 1 
a 1990 Jeep Cherokee, 4X4, 4.0L I-6 engine, AW4 automatic transmission, and NP231J transfer case. All driving is done in 2 wheel, high range. The vehicle has a 4" suspension lift and approximately 250 pounds worth of bumpers, armor, and winch. Previous fuel economy tracked over the three years I've owned it has ranged between 12.1-13.5 gallons. I keep track of this in a notebook in the glovebox specifically for this use.
Test Vehicle 2 
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4X4, 4.0L I-6 engine, 42RE automatic, 231J transfer case. Vehicle is stock. This vehicle experiences severe detonation <pinging> on acceleration due to its use to get my wife back and forth to work- a 1.5 mile trip- and not much farther. <Carbon buildup in the cylinders due to many short trips while not warmed up>. Seafoam has been used in the past to clean the engine, to good effect- but the problem always returns. Mileage hasn't been checked religiously on this vehicle, namely because the wife doesn't keep records.
Test Vehicle 3 
1989 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 4X4, 4.3L V6, 700R4 automatic, NP231C transfer case. This is a project vehicle and does not receive a lot of mileage. Best MPG to date (I've owned it for almost 6 years) was 15.3, and my economy stays around 14.5 overall.

For the purpose of this test, the main subject will be vehicle #1, with vehicle #2 testing the anti-knock/cleaning capabilities of Acetone.

Individual Reports

March 28, 2005

Vehicle #1: I drove 123 miles over a period of 3 days, with only 2 ounces of acetone in a 20 gallon tank. I'd bought a quart of pure acetone but forgot to take it with me while going to work, so I picked up a bottle of Cutex nail polish remover <acetone-based, not fortified with vitamins, protein, etc>. It should be noted this is half of the recommended dose rate of 2oz/10gal of gasoline.

My mileage previously has hovered around the 12.5MPG mark.

Refilled recently- same pump, same grade, same station at refill time. I put in 8.5 gallons. That's something just shy of 14.8MPG <14.47 for those playing the home game>. This is a 2MPG increase, judging from initial results with a small sample-set <I usually refill at 1/4 tank, but was curious of the results I would see. This falls in-line with the graph posted at Directory:Acetone_as_a_Fuel_Additive


When I refilled I added an additional 2 ounces of acetone. This will Put me a small portion over the recommended 4oz/20 gallons, but I don't anticipate that being a problem as this is an old-tech, high-displacement engine and thus probably has more leeway with respect to efficiency gains than a smaller, more modern engine would be. I approximate the dose rate at present to be something like 2.1 oz/10 gal.

On day two of the experiment with acetone, my wife was talking to me while I was sitting in the Jeep, idling. She commented that it was idling smoother than it has been in quite a while. I'd not informed her of the test.

This vehicle has been running pig-rich as evidenced by the soot in the new exhaust pipe and the odor of raw fuel. For the first two days, I noticed an odor similar to diesel exhaust coming from the tailpipe, but that has since abated. Also, the intense smell of fuel has completely gone away now. This would seem in line with the cleaning effects of acetone, and the better vaporization of fuel with acetone additive.

Initial results look good, we shall see what comes of further testing. I intend to test 5 tanks with acetone and 5 without. Using logic, I should see an increase in mileage along the same lines as the graph previously referenced during the acetone-additive testing, followed by a drop back to the baseline mileage mentioned in the vehicle description above.

I'm still waiting on an opportunity to drive my wife's Jeep <the 94 ZJ> to comment on the detonation issue and the acetone's effect on it. I'm working mids at present and don't see her except on my rare day off.

The Blazer is currently deadlined for installation of AN fittings on the oil and transmission fluid lines. I will post results as I generate them. It should be back on the road within a week.

March 29, 2005 update

Here's something I found today while driving my Blazer on errands (I'm in the midst of installing a new suspension on the Jeep during my two days off, and had to run some errands). I've had an annoying knock causing my engine to greatly retard timing, since I installed the new motor 20K miles ago. I've checked base timing and spark timing as per the FSM, and physical knock sources <broken motor mounts tapping on block> several times, and had no luck making it go away.

I added 2 oz of acetone last week, to a tank with approximately 18 gallons in it (needs topping-up, but I've not been driving it). Let the truck idle for about 15 minutes and noticed an improvement in idle. Having not driven it, this was more a matter of anecdotal evidence than real data.

Well I drove the truck for about two hours today- not ONE knock was audible. I have normally had a very large dead spot in the throttle from tip-in to about 1/4 throttle (caused, no doubt, by the knocking). It's simply not there anymore. I was getting some lunch for my son and I today at a drive-in, and this same drivein normally drives me nuts with the tap-tap-tap of the knock sound reverberating from the walls of the drivein. All I heard was the engine idling smoothly.

I have no idea about the mileage- and won't be able to track it for some time (long story short, this truck is getting solid axles, which whill require transfer case modifications). The Vehicle Speed Sensor is bad at present, and there's no sense replacing it when I'll get a new one in the Short-Shaft Kit I'm getting from Teraflex> until I finish said project. However, the results today with the driveability of the vehicle were astounding. I'm still not willing to call Acetone the Holy Grail of additives-- but I'm damned impressed thus far.


  • email: burntkat{at}sc.rr{dot}com

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