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Report by 'Friend of a Painter' of Acetone's Effect on Mileage and Performance



April 7, 2005

(Originally posted to the "Discussion" page for the main index. Moved to separate page by SilverThunder April 10.)

I got some acetone from a painter friend I have. He said, "Take this and let me know how the acetone works." So, I put 3oz in my Tercel. I got 30.8 mpg, smoother running, easier starting, seemed like more power. I tried using 2oz on the next tankful and got 32 mpg. I live in the hills, use 4 wheel drive to get in and out of my place and the milage is better but not 30%. So, I'll keep experimenting. My friend has a Geo, I'll post more when he tries out his car.

Follow-up Questions
3 & 2 oz "per 10 gallons"? (not specified above)
What is the pre-acetone mileage? (not specified above)


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