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Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance in 1994 BMW 318i



  • make & model of car- 94 BMW 318i (4cyl 4door)
  • ratio(s) of acetone used (3oz / 10 gal)
  • mileage before- 25mpg
  • mileage after-
  • number of miles tested- 210

Individual Reports

May 5, 2005

This is my first post and I have not ran the ascetone yet.

The 94 BMW 318i (4cyl) averaged just under 25 mpg as it covered about 105 miles in a quarter of a tank, being a 16.9 gallon tank, twince in a row from 3/4 tank to half tank and then from half tank to 1/4 tank. This was with normal city and highway driving for the times I got on it I also coasted some and I am confident 25mpg is a constant for my base reading. I feel due to mileage varying a bit I would hope to see an increase to 26mpg or higher.

Today I am buying the ascetone. I plan to use

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