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Report of Acetone' Effect on Mileage and Performance in 1994 Chevy Suburban



April 13, 2005

I ran an acetone test on my 1994 Chevy Suburban last week. I used 3.5 oz per 10 gallons, mixed in 14 oz with a 40 gallon refilled tank. My wife traveled 183 miles over a 7 day period, a mix of city and highway miles. We topped off the tank last Sunday and were SHOCKED to discover the 350 cu inch V8 averaged ONLY 13 MPG!!! This is almost 3 MPG LESS than what we were getting WITHOUT ACETONE.

If somebody has an explanation for this 20%+ DROP in fuel economy, then I would like to hear from them. Otherwise, I'm OUT OF THE ACETONE additive business - the STUFF DOES NOT WORK!!! It's that simple!

I have NO IDEA what Lapointe, et al are up to, but for a 350 Chevy V8, adding Acetone actually DECREASES gas mileage SIGNIFICANTLY!

Have a nice day chasing butterflys!


You need to test more than just once to conclude that it doesn't work. You may have made a measurement error -- recorded a mileage number wrong, etc.. Also, include in your report whether or not alcohol was included in the fuel. It seems to have an acetone-negating effect. -- Sterling

2oz./10gal.!!!!! you should have used 8oz./40gal. NOT 14!!!

  Your using too much!!!!!

I have been using Acetone in my '96 Suburban with 30+ % improvement. I put in 100 ml. in my 150 litre fill ups which is closer to 3 ozs I believe. I now get 950 to 1000 km per tank compared to 650 to 700 km. The efficincey is about that of a brand new vehicle as I understand it.


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You also have to play around w/ the amount of acetone. Try adding less and refer to the graph as a guide.


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