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AMDG Scientific Corporation is a research & development company named after its founder and chief scientist, the late Arie M. DeGeus, who discovered novel energy generating technologies, all of which feature ‘over-unity’ energy production. Alone We Stand

The applied sciences relate to: fractional hydrogen, low-energy nuclear transmutations, electrodynamics, torsion fields and electro-gravitics. These innovative technologies are ecologically clean and they enable a reduction of the use of fossil fuels and avoidance of nuclear waste from fission applications. [1]

Note: Original website is defunct. Email bounces. Thomas Stanford said the company is "in limbo". August 22, 2008.



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For the benefit of scientific understanding, Arie M. DeGeus wrote several books, in the fields of fluid-mechanical physics, the so-called primary (fluidum continuum / aether) physics, advanced electrodynamics, gravitation and levitation.

Available titles:

  • Fluidum Continuum Universalis, Part I (4th edition)
  • Fluidum Continuum Universalis, Part II (the Micro-Phenominomae)
  • ‘Time’ and Cosmology (2nd edition)
  • Physica Primero Descriptio ('Primary Physics')
  • Order versus Chaos

All of these books can be acquired via:

Teknerios Publications, Co.
10510 Garners Ferry Road
Eastover, SC 29044

E-Mail: {


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After years of research and development, a sequence of ever improving lab set-ups for these technologies has led to the recent start of activities to construct proto-types of various power generating systems.

Hydrogen Technologies:
A plasma process, which makes use of a ‘nuclear catalyst’ and one or more solid metals, converts hydrogen into so called ‘fractional hydrogen’, the electron of which has lower energy states than the ‘ground-state’. Energy becomes available as relatively low energy photons (extreme UV to Soft X-ray). Both heat and electricity can be produced. This process has an energy ‘over-unity’ of better than 3/1, which was twice certified by Applied Technical Systems Inc. (ATS), of Marietta (Atlanta), GA; report # M 21774.
Application: General power generation, typically for industry and where both heat and electrical power are useful.

Trans-mutational Processes:
Processes, between solid metals, which involves a ‘nuclear catalyst’ and which are placed within a hydrogen plasma environment. Energy becomes available in the form of heat and or electricity, if use is made of plasma vortexes. These processes show substantial energy ‘over-unities’.
Applications: as under Hydrogen Technologies. One process provides a totally new type of fuel for automotive and other engines, whereby the combustion energy is part from hydrocarbons and part from a low energy nuclear reaction.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) Extractions:
The ZPE is the primordial energy in our Universe. Physically it can be expressed by the product of the density of the fluidum continuum (FC) and the square of the speed of light. This energy per unit of volume of space is much greater than either fission or fusion energy between atomic particles. The ZPE extraction technologies listed here just take a minute part of the ZPE from the location where the extraction equipment is placed. The ZPE is for free (other than for the investment in equipment) and is inexhaustible.

The technologies and related systems, as listed, are all of the ‘solid state’ type, nothing moves, no liquids or gases to be contained, wherefore they should run indefinitely. The product of all these technologies is electricity.

  1. Magnetic Power Cells (MPC); these feature: electro-magnetics, which are combined with permanent magnetics, high frequencies. These systems can be made relatively small, wherefore electrically charging is a typical purpose, e.g. of a laptop.
  2. ‘Brownian Motion’ energy of free electrons (in matrixes) conversion into electrical power; these feature permanent magnetics and ‘polarization of electrical charge’, high frequencies. This technology provides for a circumvention of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Applications in the building industry are being foreseen.
  3. Dry battery type systems; these feature 'electret' technology combined with permanent magnetics. Application: storage of electrical energy.
  4. Tube and Toroidical devices; these feature combinations of electro-magnetism and permanent magnetism. Applications could be larger power producing units.

These listed technologies are the sole property of the inventor, Arie M. DeGeus, with exception of the Hydrogen and some Trans-mutational technologies, which have been assigned to the AMDG Scientific Corp., of which Arie M. DeGeus is CEO and largest stockholder.


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The Board of Directors and the slate of Officers of the AMDG Scientific Corp. is composed of the following persons:

  • A.M. DeGeus, Pres., CEO, Sc.
  • T.G. Stanford, VP, Sc.
  • F.R. Young, VP
  • J.P. Phelan, VP, PE
  • H. Dekker, Dir., PE

Cooper, Coffas, Moore & Gray, of Counsel


The invention relates to a method of generating energy, comprising the steps of: a. introducing hydrogen in a reactor vessel, the vessel comprising a cathode, an anode and an ionization element, the cathode comprising a primary and a secondary transmutational element, the transmutational elements having in their nucleus a number of neutrons which is larger than the number of protons, and wherein at least one neutron has a preferred orientation; b. Ionizing at least a part of the hydrogen with the ionization element to form a plasma, c. Applying a voltage differential across the cathode and the anode, causing protons to travel to the cathode and to induce a transmutation of the transmutational elements which combine to form an element of higher mass number than the mass number of said transmutational elements under the release of energy; and d. collecting heat and/or on other energy formed in step c. In a preferred embodiment the primary transmutational element comprises formula (i) or any combination thereof, whereas the secondary transmutational element comprises formula (ii) or any combination thereof.


Company: AMDG Scientific Corp

Inventor: Arie M. DeGeus

Arie M. DeGeus passed away on Nov. 11, 2007.

Associate: Thomas G. Stanford

Professor at the University of South Carolina

Former Potential Licensee: Michael McDonnough

Michael McDonnough's group was in negotiations a number of years ago to license a technology based on a world patent held by DeGeus on a Nuclear Transmutation Process. However the funding fell through.

DeGeus had several technologies that he would bring out when funding opportunities arose, wanting to get them all financed.

On December 09, 2007 Michael McDonnough <tech1 {at}> wrote:

Arie held several patents. The ones on alternative energy were mostly held at WIPO and filed in the Netherlands because the US patent office are such biased bastards that he did not waste time or money on them if the invention was at all close to cold fusion or free energy.

He was the author of several books of which I have read 2, called Fluidum Continuum Universalis. They discuss in detail his theorem which is an extension of fluid dynamics into the sub atomic realm. His concept for atomic structure was one which primary particles are vortexes of subspace energy essentially.

It is an interesting theory that others have worked on but his showed experimental results which provided pretty good proofs that he was on the right track. You can pick up a copy from Fat Brain or other book outlets of science lit if you are interested but he was pretty proud of them as they go for $50-$60 a copy.

My company paid him about $250,000 but our funding source died of a heart attack and the deal went South before we could come up with the rest of the $450,000 initial license fee we had negotiated with him. It was a shame we could not complete the funding as the plasma vortex technology has real promise. It was tested independently and showed over-unity energy production.

The plasma vortex produces fusion events that add heat to the vortex chamber above what could be from a chemical reaction. The anode on the device was sacrificial but was consumed very slowly so it would make a good long duration energy production method. The only real problem even though it was over-unity is that the energy produced was mostly low grade heat and visible spectrum light.

I still have video of he and I running the prototype unit but we are off camera on the shot. The plasma vortex is fascinating to watch even if it had no practical value. He claimed that the transmutation produced a rare isotope K40-19 which is a very stable but high energy beta decaying isotope. Tom ran a spectral analysis on the samples of cathode plated materials at the USC lab which showed clearly a big spike at the line for K40 so it was confirmed to perform a nuclear transmutation.


  • Arie DeGeus Interview: IEC Fusion & ZPE Technologies - Tim Ventura interviews Arie DeGues, an independent inventor, scientist, and theoretician "who's not only rewritten the book on nuclear & particle physics, but has also used his theory's predictive powers to build a startling array of breakthrough energy technologies." (American AntiGravity; March 15th, 2005)

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Arie M. DeGeus [Deceased]
AMDG Scientific Corporation
10510 Garners Ferry Road
Eastover, SC 29044

Phone (803) 647-7008 [no longer in service]
(803) 647-7181 [no longer in service]
Fax (803) 647-7009

Joseph P. Phelan
Phone (939) 273-1495 [prefix given on website is a typo]
Cell (939) 537-2745

Thomas G. Stanford
Phone (803) 777-4101 (Good phone as of Aug. 22, 2008)

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