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The non-profit AESOP Institute, incorporated in California in 1977, is spinning out a new Company AESOP Energy LLC. This Holding Company will be a private firm. Two subsidiaries are currently planned. The first, Fuel-Free Engines Inc. will commercialize the piston and turbine engines that need no fuel. The second, AESOP Ultraconductors Inc. will commercialize the world’s first polymer equivalents of room temperature superconductors


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  • Featured: Air Engines / AESOP Institute / Ken Rauen >
    Another Fuel-Free Piston Engine Design by Aesop - "Ken Rauen has invented a second Fuel-Free Piston Engine. It uses the same thermodynamic cycle as the first engine, but a much simpler mechanical configuration. The new design is less expensive and easier to build (many fewer moving parts). This engine has 4 cylinders. The original engine had 10..." (PESN; August 18, 2014)


Mark Goldes, CEO
Phone: +1 707 861-9070


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