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This is the 'Free Energy' events page. The events below include is any new energy gatherings, meetings, and other happening at a given place and time concerning free energy. The events included can encompass a variety of events, such as meetings, summits, symposia, or conferences.

Our emphasis here is on free energy events and newly developed renewable energy technology conferences. In addition to linking to event site located elsewhere on the web, we also include links to conferences where cutting-edge renewable energy progress is being explored. Feel free to create a feature page here at PESWiki for technologies that are not yet included on our site. This allows a more balanced coverage, including skeptical views that may exist. Links to relevant opinion pieces are also welcome.

To edit this page with any corrections or relevant new information relating to upcoming events alternate or free energy. To suggest a relevant news story for the Main Page, add your suggestion at this page. You can also check various news source lists.



Radio >
Free Energy Now™ - Saturday; 4:00 - 4:55 pm Mountain. WEEKLY one-hour show with host Sterling Allan; goes in-depth into particular cutting-edge, clean energy technologies.
This Week in New Energy™ - Sunday; 7:53 - 8:00 pm Mountain (02:53-03:00 UTC). WEEKLY seven minute blurb, live, each Sunday evening by Sterling Allan; reviews energy solutions from the past week's news.

Local > Tesla Society 
An index of the various Tesla Societies worldwide; with invitation to start your own local group for social mingling with others who are interested in cutting-edge, clean energy technologies in the tradition of Nikola Tesla.

[Houston Plumbers]


Exotic Free Energy

Past Events

See Events:Archive

Sterling's Presentations

Proceedings of Note

  • Events > Radiant Energy > John Bedini > 2010 Conference >
    Bedini conference report - Sanford Staab gives his review of the recent conference in Sandpoint, Idaho announcing the new "Tesla Switch" which is a power amplifier for solar panels, that lets you improve the efficiency of your solar panels by up to 2x; as well as the other inventions of John Bedini, including the 3- and 10-pole monopole motors. (Sanford's Blog; Apr. 14, 2010)

  • Featured: Events / Nikola Tesla >
    REPORT: Nikola Tesla Energy Independence Celebration in Philadelphia - On July 10-12, Tesla enthusiasts, inventors, scientists, and free energy advocates gathered in solidarity, reflection, and exploration at Philadelphia's historic Independence Hall. Lectures, exhibits and demonstrations were given in the spirit of exploring and pioneering free energy systems in honor of the Serbian inventor. (PESN; July 28, 2009)

Other Energy Events Listing Services

  • Alternative Energy Events Calendar - Events page includes a Google calendar to help you all keep up with upcoming conferences, shows and workshops that promote energy alternatives and provide networking opportunities for all of you involved in the industry. If you know of any upcoming events/conferences that are not on the calendar, go ahead and add them. (Alternative Energy News)
  • Energy Central - Conferences, Trade Shows, Audio/Web Conferences, Courses.
 Also lets you make your own calendar.  (Zerofootprint)
  • Energy International (SEI) - A USA non-profit organization whose mission is to help others use renewable energy and environmental building technologies through education.

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