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New Energy Congress -- Technology Hopper

Hopper of technologies to be considered by New Energy Congress for Top 100 status.

NEC members can feel free to rearrange the sequence so that the most promising technologies percolate to the top of the list, according to the criteria set forth by the NEC.



Reviewed, Not Ranked Yet

The following technologies have been reviewed by the New Energy Congress, but are not currently ranked in the Top 100 according to the criteria established by the NEC.

Need to Create PESWiki page for T100 Vote

On March 4, 2009, Leslie R. Pastor wrote:

Standord R. Ovshinsky already provided significant improvement in such manufacture at ECD Ovonics: and and (also) Not to mention that they are building a solar power station on a building in Spain.

And if you've looked at my research on Victor I. Klimov Site:LRP:Victor_I._Klimov_-_"Energy_From_The_Vacuum"_-_Verification you will realize that he figured how to extract significantly more "energy from the vacuum," from within his 'novelty of fact' solar cells.

Technologies to Consider for T100 Status

As you (NEC member) move items up and down in this list, be sure to include the entire set of text that is part of the listing.


The following was recommended by Robert Nelson of on Jan. 30, 2007.

The Russian inventor Gritskevich has patented & built a simple OU device that is extremely powerful (Barium-Titanate, ultrapure water, capacitors, toroid --- see ) --- and Russian scientists are very available... and so is barium titanate (for now)...

Roy Meyers' Diamagnetic Absorber

The following was recommended by Robert Nelson of on Jan. 30, 2007.

Roy Meyers' diamagnetic Absorber ( --- simple, cheap, powerful, proven/built, public domain, but with plenty of room for improvement ( = more patents = busine$$ deals).


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Need More Information Before Listing

Post items here for which additional information is necessary before it is ready to be considered by NEC.

Plug Power

  • Plug Power - In 1998 a man named Wallace Edward Brand in Washington DC was mentioning this often on the usa-tesla list, but he's been inactive for a few years now. It looked like a promising technology, involving installations on individual homes. Supposedly they were well funded through corporate and venture capital sources. {Referred by Michael Riversong}
    • While costs of conventional electric power plants are rising, costs of fuel cells electric power generators are falling with increasing volumes of production and declining production cost curve. Fuel cells have high efficiency advantage that has offset some of their higher cost heretofore and its ability to eliminate 99% toxic pollution and significantly reduce greenhouse gases helps too. Current models are generating at an efficiency of 47%(at the customer’s meter) and up to 90% with cogeneration using heat for space heating, process steam and cooling. This compares with 33% efficiency for average coal fired boiler feeding steam turbine generator that loses up to 20% of its energy in transmission and distribution losses. 300 kW Hybrid fuel cell/turbine is generating at 56% efficiency; 40MW model anticipated to attain efficiency of 78%. Small size of fuel cells permit them to be placed on load site and therefore eliminate transmission and distribution losses and unsightly overhead facilities. Comment by Wallace Edward Brand - June 6, 2008 at 10:43 am
    • Plug Power Inc. is a leading designer and developer of on-site, electricity generation systems utilizing proton exchange membrane fuel cells for residential applications. The company believes that the electricity the residential fuel cell systems will provide to homes can be less expensive, more reliable, more efficiently produced and environmentally cleaner than the electricity provided by the existing electric utility grid and other power generation technologies.
    • Plug Power (USA) is a developer of fuel cells for homes using natural gas and propane. The company develops on-site power generation systems for commercial and residential dwellings, as well as for automotive applications, using PEM fuel cells. In November 2002, Plug Power acquired competitor H Power for approximately US$50.7 million. So far, the company has installed 55 systems a LIPA substation on Long Island and is overall the company with the most installed systems in this sector. Commercialisation targets start from the 2002, in conjunction with GE MicroGen. The company is also involved in the European Virtual Power Plant project, which will connect 31 4.6kW units to a combined virtual power plant in Germany, Holland, Portugal and Spain. These units have been jointly developed with German heating equipment manufacturer Vaillant. In February 2003 Plug Power signed a joint marketing agreement with Toshiba International Corp (TIC) to explore the application of fuel cells for industrial premium power markets, and develop a product that combines Plug technology with TIC's uninterruptible power systems. The companies expect the joint marketing agreement to lead to subsequent product development and commercialisation agreements. In June 2003 Plug Power introduced the GenCore system, a 5kW direct hydrogen fuel cell unit, priced at US$ 15,000 and especially designed to provide extended run back up power specifically for the telecommunications industry.
    • Plug Power Inc. is an established leader in the deployment of clean, reliable, on-site energy products. More than 600 Plug Power fuel cell systems have been delivered to customers worldwide in commercial, public sector, telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power supply markets. Ballard is supplying Plug Power with fuel cell stacks for all Plug Power’s commercial sales in the materials handling market (including the requirements of Cellex Power and General Hydrogen, both of which are owned by Plug Power) through April 2009. Plug Power and Ballard are also working jointly to develop backup power solutions for telecommunications and other mission-critical applications for the U.S. Department of Defense’s ‘Continuity of Operations (COOP)’ initiative.

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Listing Format

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Raw Format

The following is a template for the components to include in a suggested listing. In addition to the sugested listing format, other notes can be included. Each suggested listing should have its own heading.

=== Name of Technology (heading) ===
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 including its benefits and status. ( {Suggested by 
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