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Paul Noel

Profile page for New Energy Congress Paul Noel, Founding Member of the New Energy Congress and Advisor.




Lead "Mad Scientist" * at Green Sea Turtle Tech LLC. We are developing some really cute energy conservation technology which we hope to bring to the market shortly.

  • Mad Scientist: We're really mad about science and we are having lots of fun with it.

Ask us what science we're mad about!

Holds degrees in;

  • Nursing
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science

Son of a man who could honestly say, "Neal and Buzz may have gotten the ride, but I did the driving." My father actually took a 37 story high structure and stood it on a flame and threw it accurately to the moon.

Lives in the strangest community on earth with more things going on here than you can imagine. (Huntsville, Alabama area)

Likes to garden and has a big garden. Likes to invent. Likes to travel but hasn't been able to do much lately.

When I shoot my guns, if I miss it is most likely because I intended to miss. But my aim isn't quite that of my grandfather who put all 90 rounds in the bull's eye at 1000 yards (sitting standing and prone 30 rounds each) with and open sight bolt action US Army 30-06 rifle. He was a sharp shooter for the US Cavalry. I spend lots of time with my grandfather. He taught me history from memory back to the 1890's. From his family that history carried back to the 1860's.

I have traveled to 41 US States and hope to get all 50 some day.

I am a natural chemist and was doing college level chemistry by 11 years old. I built my own lab out of broken glassware from the local university and from other cast off supplies. The sciences in depth are so much fun to me.


Born in Washington state in 1957, Paul Noel was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, surrounded by NASA and the space program, where his father worked. He chose the millwork business, and has traveled in 40 of the U.S. states in conjunction with his work, especially in the Gulf Coast from Florida to Louisiana.

He has worked on ecological efforts to clean up severe pollution. He believes in taking care of the earth. His interests include a full study of physics, chemistry, biology, botany, and many other sciences. He has considerable interest in geology. He has traveled among the oil rigs of mobile bay and has been to their shipyards. He has been to the US Army Corps of Engineers experimental station just south of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and learned about the hydraulics effects of water and of earthquake effects. He has read extensively into the topics as well.

His professional career has also included stint worked for the Alabama Department of Revenue from 1988-1989 in South Mobile County of Alabama, which had a lot to do with Dauphin Island. He also worked as an RN for seven years, and as a Software Engineer since 1999. Most recently he has being doing research hybrid electrical vehicles.

Paul holds three bachelor degrees and one associates degree, in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Applied Science, respectively. His study included: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Nursing, Business, Statistics, Economics, and Computer Sciences.

Presently residing in Harvest, Alabama, his interests have included extensive study of the issues of success regarding Alabama education organizations and their financial issues. He is the father of the national programs to test the schools by testing the students.

He enjoys study of how the world works at many levels. He built his own home and has skills that run from electronics to automechanics. In the 5th grade was doing college level chemistry and built a personal lab using their cast-off and damaged items. He also often went caving and repelling in his younger years.

He keeps a very large garden which is located to utilize the waste water from the home. His yard uses the location of trees to save energy for his home. He has a flock of chickens that provide eggs, keep down pests and fertilize the garden and surrounding areas. He raises grapes which are located to recover any nutrient that might be escaping by water flow in the yard.

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Paul Noel 

1641 Balch Road
Madison, Alabama 35757
256-617-0383 cell
Paul.Noel {at}

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