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Texas Sending 1000 National Guardsmen To The Border

Energy from the Vacuum

My generation unfortunately will never get it, will never understand, and will never accept the ultimate truth pertaining to “energy from the vacuum” systems, regardless of how much information I provide pertaining to Tesla, Overunity, and the truth about thermodynamics, which Maxwell reiterated could be violated and overturned, continuously. Many are not even aware that Maxwell’s equations were rewritten and unfortunately “simplified,” in order to make the equations understandable and uniform and symmetrized according to Heaviside’s understanding. Those equations are Heaviside’s and not Maxwell’s.

Energy from the Vacuum – Tom Bearden Interview Video More information provided on my Energy pages.

Obama Politically Toxic

Report To The Congress


The Control Paradigm

[ The Control Paradigm ]


Antony C. Sutton Videos


The Grace Commission Report - Revealed IRS Front for Banking Dynasties in 1984
The US Debt Clock in Real Time


Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming - Climategate

Source: US Senate Official Transcript

Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution (1938) by Jennings Cropper Wise on page 647 states:
"Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport." [4]
Additional Reference:;seq=16;view=1up;num=cxii

News Media Obsolescence

Governor Chris Christy of New Jersey : "Tired of ObamaCare - Elect a New President"



Many are Beginning to Suspect that Obama is the Anti-Christ
Ten (10) Videos that Suggest that Obama is the Anti-Christ
The Anti-Christ Doesn't Need a Birth Certificate

Is Obama Constitutionally Eligible To Serve?

Are The States Really Broke OR Hiding Assets ~ Devvy Kidd (Feb 3, 2009)
George Noory Interview of Walter Burien and the CAFR "control" paradigm


Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming - Climategate
Founder of GreenPeace Testifies to US Senate: "Global Warming Is A Fraud" TRN - February 27, 2014
Source: US Senate Official Transcript

Lord Christopher Monckton Videos

[10] [11]

Exclusive: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol in massive boost in fight against energy crisis
Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it. The Global Warminng Conspiracy is indeed a Conspiracy [12]

George Washington Hunt 1939 – 2013

George Hunt passed away peacefully as he slept through the night in his Longmont Colorado Home. . He died of natural causes (December 23, 2013). [13]
Documentation: [14]
Historical Video Reference: [15][16]
Twenty-five (25) years ago, (give or take a few) an attorney presented me with a tape, and asked me to listen to it, and then find out what I could make of it. It was an interesting audio tape, and it sparked my interest. I never forgot it. We now know what the intent is twenty-five (25) years later: Climate-Gate, aka Global Warming, Climate Change, aka New World Order, aka as a global feudalistic system that will control every single person (man, women and child) worldwide.

[17][18][19] [20][21] [22][23]

The intent of these elitists in creating these "debt for nature" and "debt for Conservation" swaps, is to save their wealth, while the rest of the world is flushed down the toilet. Nature, the Wilderness, and Global Resources are ‘monetized,’ while the population of the Earth is enslaved, reduced to ‘carbon based’ units, and relegated to abject poverty or simply exterminated.

[Significant Online Video Documentation - Aaron Russo & Tom Cryer, J.D.]

[24] [25] [26]

Ketogenic Diet - Key to Starving CANCER and Recovery


Stolen Skies, The Chemtrail Mystery (and what is behind it)

Chemtrails Poison From the Skies
Chenmtrails Over America [34] [35]
Conspiracy Theories in American History ~ Chemtrails over America
Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails
Flight Radar Commercial Aircraft (24) Hour Sequence
Chemtrails in the Sky & The New Microbes
GeoEngineering Watch
The Carnicom Institute (GeoEngineering Institute & Morgellens Data)
Ten Years into the Chemtrail Wars - The Breakdown Of The Immune System
Chemtrails: Special Report: Chemical and Biological Test on Human Beings: 2.19.03
Extremism: Prof. Richard Parncutt: Global Warming Deniers Should Be Given The Death Penalty

[36] [37]

Fritz Springmeier Media Collection

[38] [39] [40]

[41] [42]

[43] [44]
Sterling D. Allan: "The Best Evidence For Dustification"

[45] [46] [47]


9-11: Why Are Americans Afraid of the Truth? ~ Devvy Kidd (September 30, 2012)

[49] [50] [51] [52] [53] [54]


[64] [65] [66]

Watch Closely As The Steel Beams Turn To Dust -- Now Why Did That Happen & By What Means Did That Take Place?

Coleman vs. Franken (Minnesota Election) Andrew K. Dart
Dishonest and Inaccurate Polls
Electronic Voting and Election Day Issues
Eyewitness Accounts of Voting Machine Turning Romney Votes into Obama Votes
Allen West's Congressional Seat Stolen
Allen West, Mitt Romney and The Massive Voter Fraud Machine
Allen West A Victim of Voter Fraud and Crooked Democrat Officials
Voter Fraud in Florida Analyzed by Allen West - Sean Hannity - 11-12-12


Rene A. Wormser wrote a book regarding "Foundations" that has been suppressed for over fifty (50) years.....until now. Norman Dodd is interviewed by G. Edward Griffin.


Tea Party New Network



Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr
Free download - Pawns in the Game



27a34d_03776f6588507c6ff7403db1f9362c51.jpg jamesclerkmaxwell.jpg image008.jpg 6098364.jpg energy-non-crisis.jpg

Maxwell's Equations: Confirm The Book of Genesis

Blacklight Power Demo January 28 2014


Bedini_30-coil_demo_95x95.jpg 30Coiler1.jpg

[81] [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] [87]


The Unmitigated Assault on Cold Fusion (Pons & Fleischmann) Research Despite its Documented Verifiable Validity
Actual "Cold Fusion" Demonstrations Presented by Jean-Louis Naudin at Fountainbleu (Paris) France [89]
Cold Fusion - More than Junk Science
1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Device Test Successful by Sterling D. Allan & Hank Mills (PESN) Oct 28, 2011

Within Twenty Years Dr. Eugene Mallove was found murdered on his Property, and the Advocacy of Cold Fusion Ceased With His Death
Present Generations Will Have To Wait Until The Existing Paradigm of Hot Fusion Ceases To Exist And Its Proponents Die of Old Age
Cold Fusion In The News

Fusion Powered Car Project - Part 2

Nikola Tesla Monument Unveiled in Shoreham - Newsday - September 23, 2013
Serbian President Unveils Tesla Statue at Wardenclyffe
Tesla Statue Mounted at Wardenclyffe Unveiled September 23, 2013 (Sterling D. Allan)
Video Recording of the Event

image.JPG Tesla.jpg Tesla-Statue_unveiled_at_Wardenclyfe-225x300.jpg

Photo credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas | With the statue of Nikola Tesla behind him, Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic holds a banner made up both the Serbian and U.S. flags Monday at the dedication of the Tesla monument on the grounds of Wardenrclyffe in Shoreham. Tesla, a Serbian-American, located his laboratory on this site and made many of his discoveries there. (Sept. 23, 2013) COURTESY PHOTO | Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić speaks on Monday at Wardenclyffe.

Tesla was able to deliver on all of his claims regarding his inventive genius. The following video shows that his Tesla Coil was indeed able to transmit voice, sound, music, information and energy, just as he claimed he could. Pay close attention and you will notice that all of this was done without speakers——the sound emanating from the coil itself.


  • Google Earth Location of Nikola Tesla's Last Laboratory at Shoreham (Wardencliffe) NY: 40° 56′ 54.25″ N, 72° 53′ 53.69″ W [91]
  • Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

History of Shoreham (Long Island) by Mary Lou Abata
Long Island Rail Road - The Forgotten Spur DerekStadlerWordPress
Long Island RR - Wading River Extension
Long Island Rail Road History - Online Museum ARRT's Archives
Nikola Tesla would travel by train from NYC to the Shoreham Train Station, Long Island, while building the Wardenclyffe Tower. Views from the Top of the Tower showing the Station and 25A.

Sta_Shoreham_1912.jpg Shoreham_TeslasTower_1914.jpg
Sta_Shoreham_TeslaTwr_1914.jpg Shoreham_Car_Rt25A_1914.jpg

My Interview With Tom Bearden (December 13, 2009) Washington DC


Among those Represented:
David Sarnoff, Thomas J. Hayden, Ernst Julius Berg, S. Benedict, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, A. N. Goldsmith, A. Malsin, Irving Langmuir,
Albert W. Hull, E. B. Pillsbury, Saul Dushman, Richard Howland Ranger, George Ashley Campbell
Credit: Franklin Photo Archive

The Bedini Circuit

[94] [95]

The Zero Fuel engine

[96] [97] [98]

Dying CIA Agent Reveals to Richard Dolan (National Security State)
Area 51/S4; Eisenhower; Alien Contact (Corroborates Robert Scott Lazar)

[99] [100]

William Rutledge - Wendelle Stevens - Jack Kasher verify Extraterrestrial Presence above the Earth's airglow, contact in Switzerland and a crash landing site on the back side of the Moon. All of which is documented on Video and saved for posterity. Robert Scott Lazar - aka Bob Lazar, provides information regarding Element 115, and a propulsion system used by UFOs.


Energy+from+Distance+Healer.jpg ufo_over_texas.jpg black-eye_839_100x75.jpg magellinic-cloud_1056_100x75.jpg chinaaug2006google.jpg

[108] [109]

Four (4) Mile Long Extraterrestrial (UFO) Cigar Shaped Vehicle Discovered - Estimated to be over a Billion Years Old - Found on the Backside of the Moon - [Video]

Eight (8) US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghanistan Cave
UFO Videos - Vintage Film

[110] [111] [112]

This commercial was scripted by the US Air Force and at about the 8 seconds mark, they admit they have “Starships.” To watch, click on this link: [113][114]

[115] [116] From Jacques Vallée to Bernard Haisch serious and significant attempt has been and is still being made to decipher the meaning, message and methodology of the UFO experience. The UFO Evidence is legion and yet still remains elusive to most research analyzers leading many to suspect manipulation and subterfuge. While the evidence appears genuine, significant and sanguine, some believe that the truth hidden in both broad daylight and nightly starlight is mere deception by powerful forces determined to alter the public’s perception of reality facts.
Documentation: The Twining Memo: a. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious......


Wendelle Stevens & Robert O. Dean (S4 Vol 1&2)

[118] [119]
UFO Hypotheses - S4 Informers Volume Three (01 of 18)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
10 11 12 13 14 15

The Science of Crop Circles
Message of the Crop Circles [120][121][122][123]

[124] [125] [126]

In a recent email, Tom Bearden requested that I make the following correction regarding
Isotropic/Anisotropic (Permanent) Magnets. He prefers the term Asymmetric (Permanent) Magnets
which more accurately defines his intent and explanation.

My Correspondence with Tom Bearden regarding Equilibrium, ZPE, Energy from the Vacuum

The Ultimate "Control Paradigm" - The Control of The Human Mind



"God is a mathematician of very high order, and he used very advanced mathematics in constructing the universe." (Dirac)
The Fingerprint of God

[128] [129]

[130] [131]

<<<<<<Mt. Sinai in Arabia - God's Mountain [132][133][134][135][136] The Split Rock at Horeb>>>>>>

Video Documentation - Location
Bonilla Archaeological Research
The Split Rock at Horeb (Saudi Arabia)
Images of Split Rock at Horeb

The Exodus Sea Crossing

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Ron Wyatt's Discovering the Exodus

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6



The Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power

[142] [143][144][145][146]




  • Money
  • The Creature From Jekyll Island - A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (written and discussed) by G. Edward Griffin
  • Central Banks, International Banks and The World Bank
  • Blueprint for Total Control
  • CFR
  • Mermaids - The New Evidence (Discovery Channel - Jon Frankel) March 6, 2013 Dr. Torsten Smidth (Danish Team) Islandic Government. [147][148]
  • We now know that something is wrong with the Animal Planet’s Mermaids. A video has surfaced that exposes an Actor, who plays the part of a “Dr. Paul Robertson”, who has also played another ‘role’ and another “Person”. This is clearly evidence of a FRAUD having been perpetrated upon the Viewers. Why did Animal Planet do this? Why risk credibility? For ratings – ridiculous even to contemplate, one can only speculate at this point, having no evidence for the reasons why. Was this a pressure driven event to cover-up a full disclosure after the release of a previous “real” revelation about a “real” discovery? We will never know. What we should do is research the folks at the Discovery Channel and examine the essential facts pertaining to their intentions regarding this fraudulent presentation. Trust must be earned and once lost, may never be recovered.
  • Dr. Paul Robertson - IS A FRAUD - View the Evidence:


Animal Planet Shows Real Mermaids ~ Pictures and Videos

[152] [153] [154] [155]

[156] [157]
Jesse Ventura achieved the Governorship of Minnesota with a mere $300,000 dollars, a pittance in political spending, a significant phenomenon, and the CIA became a significant part of his entourage shortly thereafter. They maintained a permanent office inside his government capital (basement). Apparently the "control" paradigm does not want the 'average' citizen running things. Only the favored few are allowed to rise to political office. Jesse Ventura despite his fame and support from his fans, chose not to run for reelection. He had, had enough experience from his past career to know that he was not appreciated by the power elite.

Here is why no one invades Switzerland. They believe in arming their people, even supplying them with bullets to defend their country. Something to think about, when you consider that the current administration is attempting to disarm the American people.

[158][159] [160]
Nikola Tesla intended that his inventions benefit mankind, never realizing that the control paradigm would circumvent his intent. All technologies invented are tested for their weapons capability, and if found promising are allowed to proceed to market testing and commercialization, both as commercial and military applications. Weaponization of the Tesla Technology is given credence by the following videos: Barrie Trower: Microwave Warfare and "Tesla HAARP Eastlund".

Survivors of the USS Liberty provide first-hand account of what took place in the Mediterranean while under attack from Israel and the coverup that followed. IDF Snippers Killing American Soldiers in the Middle East


Miko Peled, The Son of an Israeli General (Matti Peled) Speaks Out Regarding the Plight of the Palestinians

Nick Cook: UFOs The Secret Evidence

[162] [163] [164]


[165] [166] [167]




Founder's Club Member


The Settlement of Jamestown - 1607
Habakkak 2:4 - "But the Just Shall Live by His Faith"
2 Chronicles 7:14 (God Can Reverse It All - If We Ask Him To)

[170] [171] [172]



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