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The Global Monetary System

When I was born in 1951, the United States was the envy of the entire world. The United States had been involved in a major world war and defeated both of its enemies, and liberated the Western World. We were the richest nation on the planet, having both silver coinage and gold reserves unparalleled in human history. The American worker was paid in Silver Certificates redeemable in silver at any bank in the fifty US States. The American dollar was redeemable in gold by any nation that traded our currency.

As a child I remember that our coins held real metallic specie of copper (pennies) and silver (dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars). The average wage was much smaller in quantity, but its currency bought significant quantities of produce and manufactured goods. Inflation was nonexistent and a dollar enabled two children to view a matinee of two movies with cartoons between them. And if you were lucky your parents chipped in an additional quarter for refreshments.

This financial condition lasted for 20 years when the Bretton Woods Agreement was abrogated by the Nixon Administration in the 1970s. The US Dollar was now no longer backed by gold. Earlier in the 1960s the Kennedy Administration had attempted to monetize silver with EO 11110, but with his death that attempt ceased. Soon all silver and gold certificates disappeared and were entirely replaced with FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes).


In 1972-1973 while finishing up requirements for the BA degree at Seton Hall University, I discovered significant information that was being revealed by Antony Cyril Sutton at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California pertaining to phenomenology that was to challenge my perspective and my direction pertaining to my life’s work. The Seton Hall Library contained information that started me on the path of discovery, which led me to ultimately challenge and confront all that I had learned as a student of history and political science. Dr. Sutton’s revelations enabled by Allan H. Belmont (FBI) who provided both cover and financial support, allowing unhindered/unimpeded discovery of anomalous and surreptitious activity by the Russell Trust (Yale University) who were openly transferring American technology to the Soviet Union.
Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (1917-1965) [1] [2] [3]
Digging deeper into the fabric of secrecy and subterfuge I discovered the actual secret origination of the founding of the Federal Reserve System from primary sources revealed by Paul Moritz Warburg its author and originator.

Little by little I began to uncover the true history of the Feds early beginnings:
[1] Saturday Evening Post – February 9th, 1935 issue;
[2] Frank A. Vanderlip: “From Farm boy to Financier;”
In his book, From Farm Boy To Financier, Frank A. Vanderlip, admits to a gathering of a conclave on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, for the sole purpose of creating what ultimately became the actual establishment of the Central Bank of the United States:

"I do not feel it any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System." [Some of the most powerful political and economic interests joined forces to establish a primary vehicle to enable the fruition of what ultimately became the beginning of the American Empire which ultimately circled (completely) this entire globe]. Using first names only, they boarded Senator Nelson Aldrich’s car at the New Jersey littoral of the Hudson railroad yard bound for the southern shores of eastern Georgia, to Jekyll Island. These men represented the powerful combination of the Morgan-Rockefeller interests and the European banking fraternity of the Rothschild interests, specifically, the Bank of England, Bank of France and similar combination of European financial controls]. Among those present: Frank A. Vanderlip (National City Bank), Senator Nelson A. Aldrich, (father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller Jr.), Henry P. Davison (J. P. Morgan & Co.,), Paul M. Warburg (actual ‘creator’ of the Federal Reserve, and a principal of Kuhn Loeb & Co.,), Benjamin Strong, A.(Abram)Piatt Andrew (the then Assistant Secretary of the Treasury).

These men ultimately 'created' the Federal Reserve System, while holdup on Jekyll Island, but ultimately it was Paul Moritz Warburg's plan, which became the actual vehicle for the American Central Bank. Antony C. Sutton has provided a significant account regarding this in his book: Wall Street and FDR (pp. 92-98).
The Federal Reserve System – Its Origin and Growth (Reflections and Recollections) by Paul M. Warburg, The MacMillan Company 1930.
“As a souvenir of common efforts in years gone by this book is presented to Frank A. Vanderlip with the compliments of Paul M. Warburg” (hand written autographed message inside)
[Paul M. Warburg acknowledging to Frank A. Vanderlip their part in the conspiracy to create the The Federal Reserve System in 1910 at Jekyll Island, Georgia].
[3] Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins
It was at the Brooklyn Library that I discovered Eustace Mullin’s, “This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound.” Shortly thereafter I contacted Mr. Mullins, and he sent me several of his books regarding his own discoveries pertaining to “The World Order” and the “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” in 1994. Much earlier in 1985 I acquired Martin A. Larson’s “The Federal Reserve and our Manipulated Dollar” (1975), and together these books provided me with enough grist to germinate proficient interest to delve deeper into the history of the Central Bank of the United States, culminating in my thesis regarding “Monopoly Power, World Socialism, World Economic Interdependence,” which I presented to Dr. Herb Titus (founding Dean of Regent University Law School) and Dr. Antony C. Sutton shortly thereafter. I might add that my thesis is ringing true and accurate as demonstrated by the recent actions of the former Bush and present day Obama Administrations.
Documentation: Introduction
Ezra Pound
Eustace Mullins
Mullins reiterates his relationship with Ezra Pound, when he was invited to spend time with him at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC. All of this is documented in Mullins book This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound. According to Mullins it was Pound who commissioned him to research the Federal Reserve in the Library of Congress from actual documents in their repository archives. His research concluded, Mullins wrote his first book: Mullins on the Federal Reserve which was immediately banned and burned in Germany (German translation). It revealed information deemed too inflammatory at the time. It was republished in 1961 with a copyright held by Ezra Pound and renamed “Secrets of the Federal Reserve.”

Strong pressure was placed on Mullins to cease his investigation and stop his research. His persistence became a lightning rod for the FBI to maintain surveillance and he and his family suffered significant retribution.
[4] Martin Alfred Larson

[5] G. Edward Griffin

If you want an easy to read and clear cut explanation of the Federal Reserve System, then this is the book for you. It is precise, concise, to the point and G. Edward Griffin provides an easy on the brain narrative identifying the scope and nature of our private central bank.

Frank A. Vanderlip - National City Bank - American International Corporation

From “Dollar” Diplomacy to the formation of the Federal Reserve the United States began to originate the basis of a universal “Reserve” Currency. With the introduction of the AIC by the principal stockholders of National City Bank the financial and commercial basis of the United States began in 1915. The AIC remained active until it was merged into the Adams Express Company in 1945. The “Dollar” remained strong for the next 30 years until it was unhinged directly from its “Gold” Reserves.

Secrecy & Diplomacy

Unknown to most historians a powerful secret senior year society gained control of the United States in 1833 at Yale University. It was incorporated in 1856 by Daniel Coil Gilman in New Haven, Connecticut. Their members became a powerful influence directing the national and international policies of the US Government. That discovery and history was reported and published by Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.

Monetized Debt

Americans soon began to realize that their “money” was “monetized” debt. They began to realize that the banking system involved a system of “fractional” reserve banking, literally creating “money” out of “nothing.” Each FRN was an actual “Note” of debt incurred by the US Government. But they were comforted in the fact that the US Congress would maintain the practice of strict controls regarding our “Debt.” The US Congress maintained “control” over the “Debt” via a series of “debt” restructures and limiting the expanse of the debt via the maintenance of budget controls.

Americans began to question the creation of debt, and of servicing of the debt. At first they were told not to worry since we owed it to ourselves. Americans were lulled into a false sense of security, but the questions continued. If we owed the money to ourselves, then why didn’t we just create the “money” and place it in circulation (debt free)? The Answers did not make sense. Our American History taught us, that the early colonials fought a Revolutionary War and severed relations with England due to debt. Americans had refused to pay taxes to England because they believed that the colonials received no representation in the British Parliament: “Taxation without Representation is Tyranny” was the rallying cry.

The American colonials had proved that if you create “money” and place it in circulation (debt free), then you will facilitate commerce and the velocity of commerce itself will create the need for more “money” in circulation to facilitate the “growth” of “commerce.” The American colonials circulated “scrip” as money debt free that did not require taxation (interest) to be repaid to anyone. This infuriated the British Parliament, which issued a series of ‘taxes’ in the form of Acts of Parliament, which resulted in full scale rebellion.

Documentation: Prelude to Revolution - 1763- 1775
During my lifetime from the 1980s to the 1990s we were informed that there was never enough money available for infrastructure. When municipalities, cities and towns within the various States needed money they had to issue revenue bonds and raise taxes to pay for them. Our debt service was measured in the billions of dollars during that time. Americans began to smell a rat, when they discovered that one third of their taxes was being used as secret investments gathering interest unbeknown to the taxpayers. Someone was secretly using taxpayer money to fund investments, which subsequently was discovered to be hiding billions of dollars of revenue, none of which was used for the benefit of the taxpayer or to pay down our debt.

Are The States Really Broke OR Hiding Assets ~ Devvy Kidd (Feb 3, 2009)
George Noory Interview of Walter Burien and the CAFR "control" paradigm

The two Bush Administrations and ultimately the Obama Administration proved that the Americans had been and were being lied to by our own State, Federal and local governments regarding our finances. There was always enough money to fund secret agendas and the furtherance of the Debt Service to bankrupt the American people, but there would never be enough money to free the average American from his slavery (taxation). George Herbert Walker Bush revealed his intent to bring about the New World Order, his son George Walker Bush during his Presidency raised the debt for the first time to $1.3 trillion dollars, which was then further exceeded by Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration another $7.5 trillion.

First the Dollar was backed up by Gold and Silver, then it was backed up by our resources /technology and ultimately by our Military. The Pax Americana went from Dollar Diplomacy to Gunboat Diplomacy; then it morphed into technology and ultimately our military might. But behind all of this was the underlying hidden agenda of the secret societies and the furtherance of the New World Order.'

Many are beginning to wonder if the United States will even survive by 2030. If you take a good look at our Gross National Debt you will notice that the United States owes more money than the entire world is worth monetarily. John Perkins in his book – The Confessions of an Economic Hitman reveals how the World Bank was used to place countries in debt, and then to take over those countries when they could not repay the debt. George W. Hunt on his website revealed how the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the Global International Bankers were planning to divest themselves of these toxic (nonpayable) debts by introducing new currency based on “debt for nature” swaps.

The Georgia Guidestones have an interesting message that does not portend well for the people of this planet. It is a message of doom and despair. This is not my message, rather it has been placed there by persons unknown, from the shadows.

George W. Hunt: “I have learned that the Rothschilds leave a seat free at their meals for Lucifer. I didn't know that I was sitting in Satan's private chair when I joined the Rothschilds for luncheon at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in September 1987!”

Are the Rothschild’s Luciferians? Do they revere and worship Satan as the god of this world?




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