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Joel Garbon

Profile page for New Energy Congress member Joel Garbon

Image:Joel Garbon bio photo-200.jpg




Representation, President
New Energy Congress 
Founding member, Dec. 13, 2005.
Implementation, Scientific
Experience in the field of Alternative Energy 
Had 22 year career in the chemical and paper industries in various technical sales, account management, and applications consultant positions. Worked with large industrial corporations throughout North and South America. Currently serve as president of New Energy Movement, succeeding founder and former president Dr. Brian O'Leary. Garbon has co-authored with Jeane Manning a book on New Energy, to be released in the Fall of '08.
B.S. in Applied Science, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Majored in Paper Sciece and Engineering.

Feature Book

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    Breakthrough Power -- a Book for the Masses - Here is a book to both round out your own understanding of game-changing energy technologies as well as to pass out to your family and friends to get them excited about the possibilities and to inspire them to get involved in helping to remove the barriers which have stood in the way of these things coming forward. (PESWiki; Nov. 4, 2008)


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    The Day Before Disclosure - This outstanding documentary film is now available for free viewing online. It is a great compilation of a myriad of photos, videos, testimonials, witnesses, news articles; and is presented very well. Covers the reasons behind the truth embargo, and ramifications of disclosure. (PESWiki; Oct. 12, 2010)

In the News

  • Featured: Organizations > Vetting > NEM >
    New Energy Movement launching vetting initiative - Joel Garbon has posted an update including an announcement of a new initiative to set up a breakthrough energy technology vetting service, beginning with establishing standards of testing for the various modalities, followed by populating a team that could serve as vetting agents based on those standards. (PESN; January 20, 2013)
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    Career opportunities abound in exotic free energy - Though the world economy is tanking in general, cutting-edge free energy technologies have a rising destiny as illustrated by several emerging modalities. The industry is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs who have what it takes to see the opportunities and run with them. (PESN; Nov. 17, 2010)


Updated May 29, 2008

Joel Garbon received a B.S in Applied Science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He has over two decades of experience in product development and as a technical consultant to the paper, chemical, building products and water treatment industries. He has consulted with dozens of large and small companies in North and South America and is a highly regarded speaker and educator within these industries, regularly instructing classes of engineers. Garbon developed several commercially successful chemical formulations for use in paper and building products applications and is co-inventor of a water treatment filtration technology.

Specific to the energy field, Joel currently serves as President of New Energy Movement and is a founding member of New Energy Congress, which maintains a continuously updated and publicly viewable database of the “Top 100" most promising breakthrough energy technologies. Joel has relationships with many organizations which promote responsible stewardship of earth's resources and which support progressive sustainable technologies for advancement of human civilization. He has been a featured speaker on numerous television and radio programs and at conferences and civic gatherings, making the appeal for a concurrent evolution in human consciousness and energy technology to address our pressing global challenges.

He is the author of an historic legislative draft titled “Energy Innovation Act of 2007" which is intended for introduction as a Congressional bill and to serve as template for new energy legislation on the state, local, and international levels. The legislation’s provisions call for urgent and serious federal support for research and development of breakthrough energy technologies.

Garbon is co-author with Jeane Manning (author of the highly-regarded book “The Coming Energy Revolution") of an upcoming book titled “Breakthrough Power? which chronicles the challenges, opportunities, and progress in the new energy technology field.

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Joel Garbon Founding Member New Energy Congress
Joel Garbon <joelgarbon {at}>
3811 S.W. Corbett
Portland, Oregon, 97239 USA

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