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Welcome to the
Free Energy Academy

The resource for education on alternative, clean, practical,
renewable energy solutions. PESWiki's Academy is a place
designated for education and learning among students,
teachers, and others.

Divisions details and explanations


The Free Energy Academy is designed to provide on-site and online courses that would be accessed for free (or at a reasonable fee). Classes range from brief and basic synopses of a particular technology on one hand, to an in-depth, lengthy course on a highly specialized topic on the other. Academies began in Plato's Athenian school of philosophy, founded in approximately 385 BC. The term is used for a variety of institutions in modern times.

PESWiki Academy is dedicated to helping others learn about alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions. The PESWiki Academy is focused on computer-enhanced lessons of technology. The e-learning is delivered via a personal computer and other communications technologies. PESWiki e-learning will eventually have:

  • online lectures,
  • tutorials,
  • support systems,
  • simulations,
  • games,
  • and more ...

PESWiki Academy strives to contain effective e-learning that is a blend of the previous methods. PESWiki Academy facilitates and enhances learning through both computer and communications technology. The online education courses can be tailored to specific needs and asynchronous learning is possible.



  • Academy > Magnetism > Electromagnetic > Steorn >
    Steorn's free SKDB Lite collaboratory for engineers - SKDB Lite uses Clearspace by Jive Software, a very capable professional tool for online collaboration and sharing of documents. The Modules in the e-Learning section covers 27 topics pertinent to understanding the logic behind Steorn’s claims. These elegantly produced Flash modules are broken down into topical categories covering basic physics, rotary systems, magnetism, rotating electromagnetic systems, tools for data analysis and tools for testing. (OhmyNews International; June 10, 2010)

Being Established

  • Carnot Excedence - by Ken Rauen, Science Advisor for PES, shows that super-efficient thermodynamic exchange is possible, demonstrates exceptions to the second law of thermodynamics.
  • Ball Lightning -- Chukanov’s lessons on Quantum Free Energy - Dr. Kiril Chukanov intends to describe in details (methodology, technology, calculations, theory, figures, photos) how to perform easy experiments proving the reality of Quantum Free Energy. He will also give also instructions about future development of this research and some ideas about practical use of this unusual phenomenon.
  • Study Group: Bearden's Energy from the Vacuum - Index created by Rick Friedrich to begin a resource for the layman to grasp the difficult concepts presented in Tom Bearden's book.
  • Why Common Law - A recommended way of doing contracts for alternative energy groups, that brings responsibility back to the people and away from lawyers.


Feel free to propose a course and begin developing it. When creating pages, please preface them with "Academy:". All the subjects of freenergy, from magnetic motors to zero point energy, are available.

· For branched listing of free energy topics, see the Directory.
· For a listing of courses, see Courses
( Academy)



  • How Parallel Path Gets Over Unity - Paul Noel explains how Joe Flynn's Parallel Path device works and where the energy comes from. "What Joe Flynn has is a transistor (actually a pair) for a magnetic circuit." (PES Academy; March 7, 2006)

· For a listing of essays, see Papers
( Papers)


  • Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Library - The Appropriate Technology Library is 150,000 pages of full text and graphics from 1050 books covering all areas of village-level and do-it-yourself technology--all on 27 CD-ROM’s or 4 DVD’s. All types of do-it-yourself alternative energies like solar, wind, hydro, biogas... (Oct. 18, 2008)
  • Video of Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine Variants - A two-cycle engine demonstrates power output up to 500 HP on a dynamometer; and a one-cycle engine with Plexiglas cylinder shows ignition of noble gas in vacuum process, which current physics says is impossible.

· For a listing of media, see Multimedia

Educational models that are pertinent to PES Network Academy vision

  • Building >
    Green California Academy of Sciences Unveiled! - The Academy is the only institution in the world so far to feature an aquarium, a natural history museum, a living rainforest, a planetarium, and world-class research and education programs - all housed under a 2.5 acre green roof; home to 38,000 live animals. (Inhabitat; Sept. 22, 2008)
  • Tesla Academy - "Here is where you can learn the basics of Tesla related research lines. By studying what's provided on this site you will find solutions to the current energy crisis, new dimensions in health care, deeper understanding of science, and ways to rationally evaluate new technologies as they are presented to you."

  • Masters Course for Solar Engineers - The European Solar Engineering School (ESES) in Borlange, Sweden, is accepting applications for its Masters Programs. One-year Masters Program offers courses in "Advanced PV engineering," "Advanced solar thermal engineering," "Applied solar energy" and "Utilization of solar energy." (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 10, 2006)
  • Earn a Degree to Implement Renewable Energy - A new onsite graduate program from the New College of California in the Bay Area is offering an accredited Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainable Enterprise. (Renewable Energy Access; Jan. 18, 2006)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Alternative-Energy at Canton College - Canton College of Technology, in New York, is launching a new four-year degree in alternative and renewable energy in the fall of 2006. Topics to include fuel cells, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar power and biofuels. (TreeHugger; Jan. 17, 2006)
  • University Selected for Solar Scholars Program - Bucknell University is one of six Pennsylvania schools selected for a pilot program by the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) of Central-Eastern Pennsylvania. The only one of its kind in the nation, the program offers an opportunity for hands-on study, training, and research in the application of photovoltaic (PV) solar technology. (NewsWise; May 11, 2006)
  • Renewable Energy Workshops - Solar Energy International's Renewable Energy Education Program (REEP) teaches the practical use of solar, wind and water power. Workshops give individuals the knowledge and skills to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems and to build state-of-the-art solar homes that are efficient, practical and earth-friendly. SEI uses a how-to/hands-on approach with commercial products and field installations. They are located in Colorado, but do bring their courses to other locations. 36 courses listed as of July 2005, including two online.occupational safety degree
    • Renewable Energy Online Courses - Solar Energy International (SEI), a solar energy training and education provider since 1991, is now offering PV Design Online and Solar Home Design courses online, commencing Sept. 6, then Oct. 31, 2005.
  • MIT's Open Course Ware project - Over 500 classes from MIT available for free online (not for credit, no faculty access), from 33 academic disciplines, drawing from all five schools.
  • Free access academic journals - Directory of Open Access Journals service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals; covering all subjects and languages. There are now 1529 journals in the directory.

Other Educational Programs

  • Masdar Institute - graduate program for renewable energy; live the future
  • university

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